Treading Water

When they couldn’t get what they needed from an existing agency, e3 Systems came to Vu Online. Designer Malcolm and copywriter Simon had a lot of things they needed to do but the overall marketing strategy was reactive.

“We’ve been working with Vu since 2017. During this time they’ve proved themselves to be proactive, professional and creative.”

Working around internal graphic, content and IT skillsets, we helped craft a marketing direction for the organisation

We worked with the team to create a proactive plan for development. This included a modern, high-quality website and also a number of digital services (mail shots, social media posts, PPC, etc.).

These would help the brand to achieve their goal of continued global expansion.

Flexibility was important from the start because we often had to work with assets provided by e3s themselves in their chosen format. This is not something that all agencies can or will be prepared to do.

However, we adapted our workflow accordingly to make things as easy as possible for our client. This made for a faster, more streamlined process with less bouncing back and forward.

Global Communications

From the start, collaboration was key to the successful delivery of this project. We needed to work closely with the e3s designers and copywriter to get up to speed on their brand and make sure that we were accurately conveying their message.

Not only that, we also had to keep our contacts up to date on all developments so that they could communicate accurately with their head office in Spain whenever they needed to provide a project update.

As a global company with more than 50 staff, lots of people had an input into the project adding another layer of complexity. As a result,we often needed to quickly adapt to changes in direction or in the fine details of the project.

“They were quick to understand our needs, as well as get their heads around the nuances of an industry they hadn’t previously worked in.”

Ready to Make Waves

e3 Systems are now well positioned to dominate their niche. Their website is fresh and engaging with plenty of space to breathe and crisp, well-produced visuals.

The front screen layout and navigation is well-organised and we have integrated social media for easy sharing and user interaction.

The project as a whole demonstrates how Vu’s flexible and collaborative approach adds value to a business, helping them to organise their digital strategy while remaining true to their brand story.

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