PPC Agency Devon

PPC Agency Devon

Want to get found by your customers with digital advertising?

Impactful, succinct advertising tailored to appeal to your customers, will bring your small business decisive rewards in perception, trustworthiness and leads. From Spotify to social we are a well known PPC Agency across Devon.

Which advertising is right for you?

Google Adwords (PPC Agency) advertising services

Adwords is an instant way to generate traffic, and sales if you have a great website. If you are looking for expert help then let us introduce ourselves, we’re Vu, a PPC Agency in Devon.

“It’s the quality and the calibre of the leads as well, people that we would have never got in front of are phoning us: big clients, it’s fantastic.”

When we run a PPC campaign using Google Ads we manage it to achieve the best leads for the budget we can. We’ll take into account what you’re selling and to whom, create campaign landing pages that users can trust, and we’ll try a number of keyword routes with regular reviews during the campaign.

Our campaigns are designed to gain visits to your service landing page, generate phone enquiries and support an increase in leads and sales.

PPC Agency Devon
Effective advert creation and well constructed landing pages will convert more customers.

We’ll provide various budget options as well as a “dip your toe in” one-month trial with weekly reporting so you can see how it’s progressing, all this because we are mindful of the challenges small businesses face.

We want to work with you strategically over time to deliver results through honing keywords and tweaking landing pages. We can’t claim to be the Top UK Google Ads agency, but we’re good for a small PPC Agency in Devon.

The benefits of using a PPC Agency

Facebook advertising services

When your business needs to turn to paid advertising, paid Facebook advertising is an efficient way to generate leads for your small business.

With budget control, demographic targeting and remarketing opportunities, the Facebook advertising platform is suited to small businesses with modest budgets not able to engage with larger traditional advertising services.

PPC Agency Devon
Reach new audiences with social media ads or have fun with a brand awareness Spotify campaign.

Through research on your customer base, we’ll help you refine and focus your marketing budget on people with an existing likely interest in your business’s products and services. We can test new markets, experiment with new regions, gather data that tells us how your business is perceived and discover possibilities for new service offerings.

“Our old advertising would bring in maybe 4 enquiries a month, we now receive on average 7 a week since Vu took over.”

Spotify audio advertising services

For customers who want to tread a different path, short-form 30 second audio advertising on Spotify makes for a different customer experience. Our Spotify audio advertising can place your brand message and personality right into the minds of listeners through the oldest form of human communication: sound.

Created with your customers in mind, our audio production team will create a memorable and engaging experience with brand messaging and a defined call-to-action that puts personality into your brand. With campaigns that can run for as long as required and target demographics including postcode, gender, interests and age, we can insert your advert into playlists and podcasts across any region.

With data collected on plays, clicks and budget spending, your adverts will be played tens of thousands of times raising brand awareness in ways that other paid platforms just simply can’t.

National reach from a PPC Agency in Devon

We serve the local Devon community, but our Clients are often ready to expand nationally or internationally. If you feel you have the infrastructure but not the visibility then it may be time to ramp up your advertising, get in touch today to discuss which route may be best for your marketplace.

Easy 3 step process to working with Vu

  • 1.Get in touch below

    If you like what you are reading then the next step is to get in touch, you can pick up the phone, write an email or fill out a form.

  • 2.Initial chat

    We will want to know a little more about you, understand your current brand and marketing plan, then we can make suggestions.

  • 3.Proposal & Review

    Then we will be able to give you an idea of how we can meet your goals, detail the plan, outline the potential keywords to target, costs and setup the account.

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