Reframe your marketing to help support people and the planet

Business as usual cannot continue if we want to leave a livable planet for our grandchildren. We help you to put the planet first by working with you to identify how you will contribute to regenerating nature and tackling climate change.

“We all have to act now if we’re going to protect ourselves from ecological and economic disaster. Vu have helped us see our place in tackling global problems. I’d recommend a Regenerative marketing workshop to anybody who is really invested in doing something for the planet”

Our unique Regenerative Marketing Workshop starts with you and your team, teasing information and following evidence all the way through to creating actions so your small business can understand how it can best contribute to regeneration.

The benefit of this is to align your business and its messaging with the shared challenges that all of us, including your customers, face. Confronting these issues head on is a step in the right direction that will put your business on the path to accountability and action. It will help you to create an authentic message that stands out from your competitors and gains engagement from your audience.

regeneration marketing workshop

Objectives of the Regenerative Marketing Workshop

“They challenged our thinking and used their expertise and energy to generate the best result – meaning the whole process was simple and hassle free.”

During this 2 hour session, we’ll explore your current business purpose, identify the actions that you can take to reduce carbon emissions and encourage regeneration, identify the blockers to taking these actions and give you the tools to build a prioritised plan of action.

In a highly enjoyable team-affirming session, we’ll gather enough information to produce a set of incredibly useful actions which can put your business on a journey towards true purpose and social impact.

Regeneration Marketing Workshop

The benefits of a Regenerative Marketing Workshop

  • Bringing environmental change into your organisation
  • Offering consumer alignment on Regenerative values
  • Access to different business development opportunities or funding
  • A contribution towards saving the planet
  • Not contributing to destroy the planet

Who should attend a Regenerative Marketing Workshop?

The workshop runs for about 2 hours, can be done online or in person and is designed for groups of 3-12 people which can include:

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales
  • Anyone with deep interest in climate change and regeneration
  • A selection of real customers you invite to attend


The Marketing Regeneration Workshop deliverables include:

  • A report containing
    • A set of actions agreed in the session
    • A set of blockers that are preventing action
  • Tools to create a prioritised plan of action for your business
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

Easy 3 step process to working with Vu

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  • 2.Initial chat

    Every organisation is different, firstly, we will want to know a little more about you, what your goals are and what resources and assets you have.

  • 3.Proposal & Review

    Then we will be able to give you an idea of how we can meet your goals, detail the plan, outline the costs and highlight our credentials.

What do our clients think?

Dont just take our word for it, see what our clients think of doing a regenerative marketing workshop.

Rachel from Gasket Guy UK shares her experience of doing a digital workshop

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