One of the client promotional videos we produced

The Challenge

To provide Ponticello with a new website and powerful landing pages as preparation for a marketing overhaul.

A trusted connection

Ponticello have been a trusted IT partner to Vu Online for many years, and we have worked together on several crossover projects. When they realised their own marketing efforts were not delivering the results they needed, they came to us.

Ponticello were aware of how our work had helped increase conversions for other clients. They were happy to follow our recommendations for improving their marketing, which included creating and optimising highly targeted landing pages on a fresh WordPress website.

Time for an upgrade

In order to build and optimise high converting landing pages, we needed to first create a suitable web platform. As we are WordPress specialists, the clear solution was to design a fresh WordPress-based website.

This also gave us the opportunity to revitalise the appearance of the Ponticello website. We re-used some of Ponticello’s existing assets and created some cool new ones. As an alternative to photographic and video resources, which Ponticello don’t yet have, we rendered their catchphrase as a smart text animation on the home page.

Once we had decided, with Ponticello, on the ideal site architecture, we built several product and service pages based on our in-depth keyword research. We provided copywriting to ensure that the keywords were integrated in a way that would appeal to both Google and the end user.


Telling the customer story

Ponticello have been a trusted IT partner to so many local businesses for many years, like lots of great organisations that we work with they have raving fans but rarely find the time to engage with them and tell their story.

We helped them identify 3 key customers, worked out the logistics of a series of interviews (to provide maximum value and minimum expense), and helped them storyboard how the videos will come together.

This social proof content shows potential new customers that Ponticello really are as good as they say they are.

The Solution

Through combining WordPress web design, keyword research, copywriting and video content, we delivered Ponticello a new marketing platform ready to convert the traffic that our marketing service generates.

“Thank you, we are very pleased. Thank you and the team for your work, expertise and forbearance.”


Since Ponticello can direct traffic to specific product and service pages, they are now in a great position to attract more business. Through our Tribe package, they can also take advantage of our full range of marketing services.

Trouble connecting with your market?

Combining the power of a WordPress website with proven marketing strategies could be the way through your marketing roadblock. Get in touch with Vu Online to discuss your plans.


One of the most satisfying aspects of this project is that everything is now in place for a pay-per-click campaign that should quickly generate results. Ponticello will be moving forward with our Tribe marketing plan, and we’re looking forward to showing them how nice it is when marketing just works!

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