Your day job is running a business

As a small business, what’s the worst thing that can happen when you need digital help?

Could it be a freelancer with limited availability and one eye on travelling next summer? How about a startup that has yet to go through their first 6 months of challenging times and are just waiting for a better offer?

How frustrating is it to get a bit done here and a bit done there with no joined up thinking, management or deadline?

As a business owner with a day job already, how much sleep are you prepared to lose corralling hit or miss digital services while keeping an eye on quality and spend?

The Vu Process

How would you feel if you increased your bookings by a third, got hundreds of new leads for free or experienced over 3000% business growth? These are real achievements that some of our clients have experienced. What's the secret to our success? We believe it is our unique process and dedicated team.

People You’ll Be Working With

Our team provides digital skills across all aspects of digital marketing including brand work, advertising, technical, UX, design, testing and maintenance. There’s a wealth of digital agency experience from a team of highly-skilled individuals.

Desk Hire Totnes
Desk Hire Totnes


Devon’s highly regarded digital marketing agency for small businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organisations, with Cyber Essentials certification, industry standard digital partners and 5 star Google Ratings.

How We Work With Your Team

We work mostly with small businesses but carry a portfolio of nonprofit, charity, SME and agency partners. With each sector, needs and priorities can vary but we’d like you to feel confident we understand what’s important to you.

Desk Hire Totnes
Desk Hire Totnes

What We Stand For

Vu is a Devon digital marketing agency delivering positive change for organisations and small businesses. We prioritise good work, people, sustainable business and environment because we choose to.

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5 Star Google Ratings

Devon’s highly regarded WordPress digital marketing agency for small businesses.

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