Why workshop it with Vu?

Co-creation of ideas

A digital workshop is co-creation. Client-agency relationships are not what they were. Businesses recognise the value of co-creating their strategies with outsiders who will forensically tease and test assumptions during a creative non-critical collaborative session.

“it all came very clear after just one workshop which was great, then from there it all started to just fit into place.”

No rules

We won’t have a meeting. There will be no rules, minutes or actions but we will create artefacts together that expose the true nature of what needs to be done.

Explore together

There’s no agenda or preparation required. Come as you are and let us explore together a way forward and have it meticulously captured using Post-It Notes, pens and paper.

Team buy-in

The results will ensure buy-in from your team and the beginnings of a shared vision.

Don’t go to a meeting, go to a digital workshop.

regeneration marketing workshop

Regenerative Marketing

Identifying the contribution that you can make to the planet can unlock some critical insights about the purpose of your business. A stand-alone Regeneration Marketing workshop will identify the actions that you can take and the blockers that prevent you from taking a planet first approach.

Customer Journey Map Workshop

Identifying the customer journey becomes clear with exploration. A stand-alone customer journey map workshop delivers the engagement with your business from initial discovery to purchase and helps you understand their behaviours and motivations.

customer journey map workshop
website specification

Digital Features

Align your stakeholder group with your business aspirations, build a website specification and understand the true scale of your ambition through a stand-alone Digital Features Workshop before spending any production budget.

Customer Needs

Identifying customer needs become clear with exploration. A stand-alone Customer Persona Workshop delivers evidence-informed personas, identifies customer roles and helps you understand their behaviours and motivations.

identifying customer needs
gdpr audit

Data / GDPR Audit

Even as a small business, you have obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 to meet basic requirements on handling customer data. We’ll start you on a path to handle customer data safely and fairly with a simple GDPR audit for small businesses.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Business owners can become frustrated with digital marketing when there is no strategy or actionable plan to follow. Our strategic marketing plan workshop addresses this and provides clarity for your small business.

strategic marketing plan

Branding Workshop

A branding workshop helps your organisation acquire the best talent who can clearly communicate your purpose, and customers who don't buy on price because they understand your value.

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