When common-off-the-shelf is not enough

When your business needs cannot be easily satisfied by existing licenced products you may need to consider bespoke web design. The likely complexity and commitment to investment on your part is considerable.

Capturing requirements for bespoke web design

Our business analyst will work closely with you to fully understand the needs and requirements for the project from first principles. With techniques taken from agile development, we’ll create user stories that capture the requirement and will contribute to the “definition of done” during the bespoke web design process.

“Vu enabled us to collaborate and clarify our ideas. I really valued the professional input in the scoping of the project.”

Technical challenges and expertise

All bespoke web development presents challenges at the technical level. With a range of programming frameworks under our belt, we’ll make informed decisions about the foundations of your project. We’ll be looking at scalability, security and selecting appropriate technology which has a road-mapped future to allow you portability, further development and maintenance options.

Lifespan and ongoing investment

We expect your custom application will be a capital expenditure investment lasting for several years. Much like any investment such as machinery or building a factory, it’s an investment that will play a central role in your business.

We hope you’ll consider ongoing investment in the form of maintenance and improvements under revenue expenditure, and imagine an ongoing relationship with us for the lifespan of your bespoke web application.

Would you like to have a chat about this?

If you think this may be something that would help make your business thrive then we would love to have a chat and offer some free advice.


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