Branding & Graphic Design with a creative branding agency

We want to understand your mission and if necessary, help you create one through design-led brand development.

Our graphic design specialists will listen, think, create and evaluate cooperatively with your team with the aim of bringing a unified direction to your creative brand needs.

Messaging, tone, vocabulary and presentation are deeply connected to making your brand successful and graphic design is part of that journey.

From leaflet design to full visual brand development

We understand the value of consolidating your brand across online and offline channels and we’ll help you transform your existing position for the launch of new products and services.

Our design-led creative team can improve your operational efficiency through engagement with your existing marketing team across web, social, print and display – we’ll even help with leaflet design.

Scaleable graphic design solutions

We are pragmatists in design. Our small business graphic design clients can ask for print-ready artwork created to spec, print liaison, and just enjoy the end result or they can enjoy our process of research, mood board creation, and seeing visual brand guidelines gently emerge.

As we apply guidelines across your digital and offline channels, a fully unified brand position reveals itself that will bring consistency to your presentation and promote trust and loyalty from your customers.

The brand guidelines we create are yours to share with your other suppliers and are written in an industry-standard way that all design and creative teams welcome and expect. Briefing new work will become easier, more efficient and enjoyable for all involved.

“From start to finish the Vu team have been faultless, not only is the end product incredible, so too is the journey.”

This means every touchpoint for your clients or customers is consistent, from the invoice, letterhead, website, email, advert, you name it we want it to be instantly recognisable as you.

Working with existing graphic design brand guidelines

When we work with your marketing team, our experience of working with existing brand guidelines allows us to produce high quality work that harmonises with your other online and offline branded collateral, we are the creative branding agency that will feel like a part of your team.

Would you like to have a chat about this?

If you think this may be something that would help make your business thrive then we would love to have a chat and offer some free advice.


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