How do your customers feel about you?

Identifying customer needs with a customer journey map workshop

After understanding your customer persona’s and working out your marketing plan you will have an actionable customer focussed approach to your marketing.

But if you really want to understand your customer’s thoughts and feelings with every touchpoint from your organisation then its time to layer a customer journey map workshop on top.

“It’s like an onion, you start unpeeling these layers as you start writing down about your business and your customers. Identifying who they are, who I need to be focusing on and how do we reach out to them.”

Our unique customer journey map workshop takes a deeper look at the three phases of the marketing funnel from awareness to consideration and decision. Assessing what actions you have defined as part of your marketing plan, and what the needs of your customers are.

We then look at these actions and needs as our starting points for journeys. assessing the thoughts, feelings and actions required at each step.

customer journey map workshop

Objectives of the customer journey map workshop

“They challenged our thinking and used their expertise and energy to generate the best result – meaning the whole process was simple and hassle free.”

During this 2 hour session, we’ll be layering on top of our marketing plan and personas steps and interactions to thread together the gaps in the process from customers being aware of your organisation through to buying from you.

In a highly enjoyable team-affirming session, we’ll gather a to-do list of content (and discuss at the end who will be delivering it!) as well as a map that can be taken into a digital platform like miro and collaborated on as you go forward.

customer journey map workshop

The benefits of Journey Mapping Workshop

  • Take a deeper look at the marketing funnel for your business
  • Understand what the steps of engagement with your organisation are
  • Think like a customer to unpick new ways of doing things
  • Find gaps in the process or missed opportunities to upsell
  • Identify new marketing activities to supplement the journey

Who should attend a Customer Persona Workshop?

The workshop runs for about 2 hours, can be done online or in person and is designed for groups of 3-12 people which can include:

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales
  • Anyone with deep interest in customers
  • A selection of real customers you invite to attend


The customer journey map workshop deliverables include:

  • A report containing:
    • A list of tasks and responsibilities for content gaps in the journey map
    • A digital map of the journey shared for collaboration
  • Clarity on your customer journey from discovery to purchase
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

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Rachel from Gasket Guy UK shares her experience of doing a digital workshop

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