If your website is down (Urgent)

Firstly we need to check is it down for just you or everyone?  Have a look at this link…


It will soon tell you.

If it is down for everyone, fill out the form below or call us on 01803 866430. We’ll jump straight on to identifying the issue and getting the site back live for you.

If its not down for everyone then the problem is on your machine. First, try clearing out your browser cache – depending on what browser you use you can find out how to clear your cache here. If that doesn’t work then try turning your router off and on again. Finally, try turning your computer off and on again.

Somethings Broken (Non-urgent)

Okay so you or a customer have found something, in order for us to fix the issue, we have to understand what it is, we have found a great tool for gathering the myriad of information that you or your users don’t know or have time to give you, so if someone gets in touch about an issue, send them a link to here:


And politely ask them to fill in their email and yours.

Then if you can contact with the information we will have a ticketed reference of your issue.  You may have a super relationship with one of the staff at Vu (we certainly hope so) if you want to send it to them as well as support that’s great, but if you only email an individual, you are dependent on their calendar when someone in the the team could be taking action.

Do you have a maintenance contract?

Our Tribe or ongoing clients have an SLA in place for a certain response. If you don’t have an arrangement for support then our current response time is 2 days, so please bear with us.

Submit a Support Ticket

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Situated in the heart of the South Devon countryside, Growers Organics excel in supplying high-quality, organic plants and seeds.

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Ashburton History Museum

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