What kind of video can I create?

Why get involved in video production?

Business video production is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

It will increase brand awareness, engagement and strongly influence buying decisions for your customers. VU offers a range of formats for B2B and B2C to clearly demonstrate the value of your business to your customers.

“The film crew were incredible, putting us all at our ease and capturing some great footage. I highly recommend Vu Online.”

Business video production
Additions like a teleprompter ensure its quick and easy to produce talking head content.

And increasingly we are seeing that users favor watching a quick video and seeing the character of your brand over consuming a page of text. How have you interacted with our website today?

Creative development in business video production

Our in-house team will work with you to discover, define and deliver your business video and support you with video hosting and distribution channels.

With technical expertise in gimbal, drone and motion control, our production team will capture and edit the experience into an engaging HD broadcast-standard showcase while fulfilling the brief and meeting your budget requirements.

With applications for social media, training and website use, our business video productions are engaging and informative, with rights-free use and reuse to meet your sales and marketing needs.

What video do I need for my business?


Drone can create a real sense of scale for your organisation. In this example, this 15-second drone shoot captured the branded workers fulfilling a large-scale project and replaced a generic roofing shot to add some ‘wow’ factor to the homepage of the website and was overlaid with text.


We’ve been telling business stories for a long time and video is a great way of showing your customers what makes you different. Here’s an example of how we helped Conker Shoes with their brand story a decade ago.

Talking head

A well thought through afternoon’s filming could create multiple clips that can be released in a staggered approach across your website and social media platforms. 

Interview style videos work really well for Business Video Production as an education tool, answering FAQ’s, talking about the projects you have worked on and would like to continue to work on, as well as running through your processes in a little more detail. 

These types of videos can help to build credibility and trust and provide an opportunity for you to pitch yourself above your competitors.

Integrate your Website with a 3d tour

Or you can take it further and integrate your website with your location, perfect for hotels and restaurants (but we like a challenge). Have a look at creating a 3d tour with interactive tooltips that could host videos or links back to products and services on your website.

“Vu understood what my company needed even better than I did. Highly recommended.”

Distribution and measuring success

We’ll define what success looks like at the outset and report on reach and engagement. Through statistics obtained via hosting channels, we’ll help you understand what works and presents the best return for your business video marketing strategy.

The benefits of quality business video production

  • Elevate your brand or products perception or value
  • Offer a high touch feel to your digital offering
  • Inject personality into your website or marketing materials
  • Create content for different audio and video platforms or social channels
  • Create written content from transcripts of interviews

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