Are you struggling to get your business ready for GDPR? Not quite sure what it is, or what you need need to do to be compliant?

We can help with marketing best practice advice, data mapping or referrals to GDPR specialists.


But first…Get yourself up to speed

We’ve written an article all about GDPR to help outline what it is, why, what can happen and more importantly – what you need to do.
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Data Mapping

With the right to anonymity and data deletion, what would it look like if you got such a request, can you put a finger on all the systems you use to store data?  Can you tell me the process you would use?  And is there an easy way to explain to your clients and customers what you have and how you use it?

You can see how Vu store and access our clients data here.  If you need guidance on mapping out a process then get in touch below.


Functional Updates

Now lets break down those systems, there may be 3rd party systems you depend on for your business, if you are asked to delete data it may be difficult or in some cases impossible due to system restrictions, you will need to communicate this, but there may be your own systems and processess that need updating or amending.

If we take your website as an example, do you know how to find the requested data and would you be able to delete it?  We can help with functional updates to the system or training.


Terms & Conditions

You will need to update your terms and conditions, possibly your contract with your clients or customers to ensure that you are able to offer them greater transparency and gather permission (if you didn’t previously) as well as continue to do so.

Register your GDPR Interest

So you can see there’s a multitude of things to think about as well as ways we can help, get in touch for some more information as well as recommendations for specialists who can help with the various elements from training to insurance.

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