David Smith - A Vu Tribe Testimonial

The Challenge

To create an effective marketing strategy, packaging a traditional craft to appeal to digital consumers and drive online course sales.

Signposting the way forward

David was initially referred to Vu some years ago, but after an initial chat he wasn’t sure about his budget or what he really needed from a digital agency. He decided to try something independently before committing to working with us.

When his initial strategy didn’t bring him the results he wanted, David attended one of our new digital marketing workshops.

We created these workshops to help businesses like David’s better clarify the digital services they may need before investing in them. After working through a digital marketing plan with us, David realised what his priorities were and how Vu could best help.

A golden opportunity

David revealed he had been hosting around 10 workshops a year from his home. Not only was this an inefficient way to pass on his many years of knowledge and skill, but it also intruded on his home life.

“I had no idea how to market what I do apart from Instagram and the usual sites out there. I built up followers and thought I had all this sorted but I was shown this is just 1% of what I needed.”

When we explored other approaches to generating revenue, we collectively identified online courses had potential for a global audience to access this learning as a fraction of the price.

David then began the journey of understanding how he would create and film the course, hosted through the Teachable platform.

Not only would this free up his home, it would enable him to significantly scale his workshops, potentially increasing his revenue from five to six figures by targeting his large social media following of around 100,000.

The teachable platform with David’s glass gilding course

David set to work filming more than 50 hours of workshop content, creating a mailing list and adding a signup page to his existing webpage.

Vu set him up on Teachable, working with his accountant to take payments and setting up the tax forms and requirements.

Then it was all about releasing the course, Vu built a landing page for his courses and helped him to plan a three week pre-order campaign to effectively target his audience and create intrigue and urgency, propelling David to five-figure sales within 30 minutes of release.

The Solution

By setting up his course delivery platform and optimising his email marketing campaign, we boosted David’s sales and growth potential.

“Anyone wanting to expand their business in a professional and of course most profiting way, book these lads in. Honestly, you won’t look back! VU Online thankyou so much. ”


We broke down David’s content into three stages (setting up, course output and techniques) and used these as a basis for weekly newsletter content.

It’s in the detail

For many businesses, our digital marketing workshops have been the missing link between their inspired visions and practical results. Book your spot alongside a Vu strategist today.



New Route to Market


In 30 mins




Return on Investment

David has been blown away by the response to his pre-order campaign. He sold over £10,000 worth of courses within half an hour of its launch, and this had increased to over £50,000 worth by the end of the day. He took just nine days to break the £100,000 mark.

From a wider perspective, David is now passing on the precious skills and knowledge he has collected over a lifetime’s work to significantly more people than he could have ever reached from his home workshop. This will breathe new life into an endangered art, preserving the cultural heritage of his craft for generations to come.

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