The Challenge

To identify and provide the ideal mix of digital services to deliver TEDct a functional, stylish and brand-consistent website.

Clarifying the way forward

Although TEDct were already aware of our work through a personal introduction, it was one of our digital marketing workshops that really convinced them that we were the agency for them.

For a low cost investment, the TEDct team were able to use our knowledge of digital marketing to explore their real needs as an organisation.

By using the workshops to understand their ultimate goals, they could see they needed to begin with their brand. This process gave them confidence that we were the agency best placed to help them.

“I can highly recommend Vu Online, they are an awesome design agency. I have worked with very many design agencies over twenty years and this team has simply been remarkable.”

A brand new look

Having set aside budget for a re-brand, TEDct worked alongside us to develop a new logo, brand palette and typography.

The prominent eye logo, simple iconography, clinical colour scheme, clean layout and easy-to-read fonts work together to clearly identify the brand as associated with the health and wellbeing of the eye.

Our branding process defined the mission and vision through to logo, fonts and colours

We helped the trust further clarify their brand by refining their mission statement.

Next, the Vu team set about developing the TEDct website, based around the heirarchy of information we had elicited from them during our initial workshops.

To help the trust with their goal of building a thyroid eye disease community, we created a section on the home page clarifying how visitors could get involved. We also marked out a ‘Get Involved’ section in the navigation bar with sub-pages for events, membership, volunteer opportunities and donations.

Our branding process defined the mission and vision through to logo, fonts and colours

The Solution

By identifying and solving their branding needs first, we made sure that TEDct only needed to design their website once.

“I have worked with very many design agencies over twenty years and this team has simply been remarkable in terms of design ability, technical talent and customer service. They really are outstanding.”

With our experience of project work, we quickly identified TEDct’s need for a re-brand, saving the trust the frustration of having to redo their website further down the line.

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