Working with small businesses owners

Working with senior people with expertise

As a small business owner you’ll feel comfortable working with a partner small business where the majority of employees are themselves highly experienced professionals. Junior members of our staff at our team play an important role in production but all client interaction will be via senior partner, professional project manager or experienced account manager.

The Tribe

Our small business customers are welcome to sign up for our Tribe packages which provide a range of annual digital services on a subscription model. Tribe packages are suitable for small, medium and large businesses.

Business analyst experience

When working on client projects that require us to understand your business in more detail, we’ll work with you to understand your business model and make digital recommendations that support existing technology and working patterns of your team.

Estimates, billing and reporting

We provide estimates for any work undertaken that work with your budgets. A billing schedule is always written into our contracts so you can plan accordingly, and regular reporting complete with risk analysis is standard for all significant build projects to manage expectations around delivery.

Account and project management

An experienced account manager will be your voice inside our business taking care of your feedback and concerns during production. Our project manager will take care of resource planning in our business and work with you to help manage your commitments to any project such as content population, milestone sign-off, acceptance and training.

Measured professional attitude

We’re enthusiastic about doing a good job and will provide a measured and direct professional attitude as you’d expect from a professional business partner. If it’s not working, we’ll work it out with kindness and sincerity.

Measurement to show value

We understand the investment you’re making and will provide measurement of results as part of an ongoing relationship. We’ll look at analytics and conversion and help where we can to improve results over time.

Customer data confidence

As a small business you may have limited resources to manage your legal commitments to customer data security. We’ll tell you where your customer data is held and provide confidence you’re in a good position to respond to a Subject Access Request or other GDPR obligations.

Understanding of culture

We’ve built our business on values which drive our culture. We look forward to understanding what drives your business culture too.

Working with nonprofit and charity organisations


Our business is independently owned and operated as a small business with no hidden shareholders, significant debt or skeletons in the cupboard. We uphold our employee’s rights, pay our tax and have a simple values driven culture.

Showing value for money

We understand that nonprofits and charities need to uphold high standards for showing value for money and spending accountability. We’ll help you anyway we can.

Working with stakeholder groups

Democratic organisations usually have high levels of inclusion and interest in digital projects and we understand the need to share and take collective decisions. We’ll build some buffers into your projects to take account of this so that your existing internal processes can operate as normal.

Ethical credentials

Most of our nonprofit and charity customers have strong ethical principles. We’ll take note of your preferences and bring any potential problems to your attention so your standards are not compromised.

Wash-up meetings as a shared learning exercise

Following a significant project, we’ll work with you to discover what went well and what didn’t during the project so that stakeholders can fully understand success or areas for improvement. Many of our nonprofit and charity customers find this fits with their own transparency and accountability principles.

Extra training & support

We recognise that comprehensive digital expertise can be less common in the 3rd sector organisations. We’ll provide a helpful level of training for your staff where you recognise a shortfall in experience or digital skills.

Working with SME marketing managers

Harmonising with your existing marketing plans

We recognise that as a marketing manager, you already have strategy and planning in the can. We can work with you by harmonising with your annual plan bringing support with resources or helping with a skills shortfall. New technical commissions, marketing support, advertising and maintenance for your websites are all welcome enquiries.

Reporting to help you report

When we work together, we understand you still need to report to your management team. We’ll help you by providing regular and helpful reporting which you can seamlessly use to show progress or build a business case for next year’s marketing budget.

Understanding your decision-making limitations

You’ll be working alongside senior members of our team who understand that you may not have full control over decision making. We’ll help you with any information that you may need to get buy-in from senior management inside your business.

Project planning

Each major commission comes with project planning from our team that helps you understand the timings of our deliverables and how your time will be needed during the project. This will help with your budgets and resource planning.

Measurement to show value

When you become a Tribe customer, you’ll get monthly reporting to help understand value and annual reviews to help with digital marketing strategy.

Working with other digital agencies

Understanding your need to outsource

Busy agencies don’t like to turn down work. When your resource planning is stretched, reach out to us to pick up the slack and deliver WordPress work discreetly for you. You’ll benefit from an experienced team based in the UK with great culture who you can rely on.

Working into your existing technical frameworks

We’ve the right experience for working into your source control and staging environments with clear communication, testing, security and deployment skills.

Quality assurance in line with your brand

We’ll work with you to maintain the quality your customers expect.

Non disclosure

All work undertaken for your agency is done on the understanding that discretion is required.

Working as a government supplier

Invitation to tender

We’re happy to accept commissions for WordPress and AWS digital projects that fall below tendering thresholds. Our rate card, credentials and contact details are available through the Crown Commercial Services website. Call us to chat informally.

Security and standards

We’re Cyber Essentials Certified and work under secure conditions.

Period of contract

We will usually expect a period of engagement for WordPress and AWS builds of 2 at least years including production, hosting and maintenance agreements. We’re also happy to hear about maintenance opportunities for existing public sector WordPress websites on an annual retainer basis.

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