Laura Butlin - A Vu Tribe Testimonial

The Challenge

To provide hands-on support in managing search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns, nurturing leads and simplifying the sales process.

Framing the problem

Carpenter Oak were referred from another client albeit with very different digital marketing needs. They came to us initially looking to redesign their website and help them to be more efficient with their pay-per-click advertising; they wanted to reduce their ad spend.

“The reason we chose them in the end is that it felt like they were going to become part of the team.”

As with many businesses who choose to join the Vu Tribe, they soon realised the benefit of our strategic workshops, tech knowhow and monthly meetings for clarifying their strengths, identifying gaps and making best use of their digital marketing budget.

As ever, the success is down to a collaboration with their marketing team and our hands-on support and expert advice.

Pruning dead wood

One of our main objectives was to improve Carpenter Oak’s pay-per-click advertising and organic search engine ranking by understanding the quality of the keywords they were visible for.

We suggested a strategy of quality over quantity so they would rank really well for a small number of valuable search terms so we began to refine them on both fronts – bringing increased traffic for less expense.

An incredible range of unique work across the world separates Carpenter Oak from their competitors 

We then observed a few gaps we wanted to understand a little better, the main challenge with Carpenter Oak’s sales funnel was the length of time between a potential customer registering their interest and the purchase of a timber-framed building. This could take ten years or more, so we wanted to know what was happening during all this time.

“Vu encouraged us to think beyond the day to day content planning, helping us find the opportunities where we are not doing something that we actually could be.”

We assisted them in creating a strategy to separate their prospective leads from their qualified leads. Rather than adding prospects straight onto their bloated CRM, we discovered together new ways to nurture leads using an email marketing platform and content marketing that would add value to customers on the journey to sourcing finance, getting drawings, understanding planning regs etc…

This meant at the right time only qualified leads would then be added to the CRM, making it much easier for the sales team to focus on closing deals, safe in the knowledge they were prequalified by all the content they have been given along the way.


The Solution

By improving webpage quality, driving more traffic, and separating prospects from leads, Carpenter Oak are well placed for stable growth.


Carpenter Oak’s website now focuses on a smaller number of highly optimised webpages. They can expect to see an increase in relevant traffic as the pages rise up the search engine listings. With more attention spent on lead nurturing, retention rates should increase, while a leaner CRM will help the sales team drive up conversions.

Reducing ad spend while increasing sales is all about smarter marketing. Through our workshops, Carpenter Oak discovered which areas of their strategy needed attention.

“They offer really great value for money, their expertise is far beyond what we expected and we feel its a really rewarding relationship for both of us. ”

Can’t see the wood…?

We can’t build you a lovely timber house like the geniuses at Carpenter Oak, but we can provide you with a simple framework for lasting growth. Book your workshop place today.



Reduction in ad spend


More keywords in top 3


Increase in traffic


Increase in sales

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