The Planet is everyone's business

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, from providing green hosting services and planting trees to monitoring our carbon emissions and those of our suppliers.

Why sustainability matters to us


We’re incredibly lucky to live and work in beautiful South Devon. The potential to regenerate wildlife and wild places in the region is enormous and we’d like to be a part of making that happen.


Being a marketing agency gives us a platform and we want to use this to help promote forward thinking businesses who recognise their role as part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity crises.


With so many marketing messages bombarding us everyday, we believe that marketers everywhere have a responsibility to tell stories that move us away from an extractive economy.

What Are We Implementing

All businesses need to embrace change like never before.
Here are some of the ways that Vu is changing to address the climate and biodiversity crises that we all face.

We've already done

  • Carbon footprint measurement working with PlanetMark. Carbon reduction and offsetting with South Pole to offset 4x our measured emissions in 2022.
  • Changed our hosting services to 100% renewable energy powered supplier and externally verified through The Green Web Foundation.
  • Contributed funds to the Devon Environment Foundation and Moor Trees to help support their work in regenerating Devon's ecosystems.
  • Set up a business network to discover and share best practice around regenerative business and sustainability.
  • Adopted a hybrid working model for the long term, significantly reducing our energy usage and cutting business travel.

What's in the pipeline

  • We're reviewing our suppliers, energy and transport usage with an aim to move as close as we possibly can to net zero by 2025.
  • We're aiming to start the process of becoming a B-Corp in 2023.
  • We’re aiming to start the ISO Accreditation 14001 process in 2025.
  • We are actively learning about regenerative business with a view to adopting a regenerative model for everything we do.
  • We're helping our staff to live more sustainably by offering cycle to work schemes, support for renewable energy tariffs and sustainability training.

Our Pledges

We are also committed to the following pledges.

  • Green Web foundation
  • PlanetMark
  • Race to zero
  • SME Climate hub
  • Nature Positive Pledge
  • South Pole
  • Sustainable creative charter
  • The ethical move
  • One percent for the Planet
  • Climate emergency
  • Love Paper
  • Design Declares
  • Marketing Kind
  • Is it europe
  • Good business charter
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The Nature of Business is Changing. Are you keeping up?

After having a growing number of conversations with our clients about their desire to do more to support the planet and minimise their own negative impact, we decided to bring these conversations together.

The Positive Nature Network connects businesses with sustainable suppliers and clients, gives inspiring speakers a platform to share their success stories and provides everyone with an opportunity to share our challenges and collaborate on solutions. We'd love you to join us...


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