Choosing a small business email marketing agency

Small business email marketing fills the gaps in your customers’ journey and compliments your other digital marketing activity, or it can grab your existing customers and remind them what you’re up to now and how you can help them.

Our campaigns focus on helping you realise what value you bring to your audience, as well as building communication and trust with your customers and bring opportunities to funnel and convert new customers.

Reporting and analytics to measure engagement

Our measurement and reporting allows you to understand how your customers and prospects react to your campaigns with information on open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, bounce rates, demographics and geographic data.

Over time, you’ll understand what works for your small business allowing you to more efficiently target your audience with the right message. Engaged readers with good open rates will contribute useful feedback as part of your small business email marketing strategy.

Personal data security

“VU are that rare and elusive mix of creativity, practicality and ‘can-do’ attitude – a pleasure to work with!”

Our email marketing campaigns are fully secure and GDPR compliant and protect your customers’ personal data rights. We’ll help you understand your obligations as a business with advice on unsubscribers and data cleansing.

Creative content for email marketing

We will help you create effective, engaging newsletter marketing campaigns that resonate with your customers. With professional templates and expert copywriting, at Vu, we’re an email marketing agency that’ll create campaigns that won’t end up in spam folders and produce newsletters with relevant and engaging content.

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