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The current landscape leaves us and our clients in a strange place, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes, and they are all facing different challenges right now...

Open - And growing

Some clients are fortunate to provide products and services that either support the battle against corona, or benefit from the changes of social distancing.

The best of these businesses have invested in their digital infrastructure so they can manage and process demand.

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Develop your systems

Open - Skeleton Crew

Like us, some of our clients seem to be in a fortunate position to be able to continue trading, you may find yourself time rich at the moment.

You can use this time wisely to get ahead of your competitors, it is prime planning time.

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If you are currently closed it is likely a time for difficult decisions around staff and the future direction.

It may be time for a rethink in the short term of how you can create or switch some services to digital.

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Getting your marketing message, placement and offering will scale your lead generation or sales, have you got your marketing plan together?



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Our Clients Stories

Are at the heart of everything we do

We may have evolved the ability to take in facts, figures and opinion but it is still the story around the campfire that stays with us when the rest has been forgotten.

We help our clients relay their story and spread it far and wide.

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Our Story

A little bit about Vu

At Vu, we've been helping businesses to succeed online since 2009.

We consider inspiring design a given, and help our clients translate their USPs through effective storytelling.

We also provide training and consultancy to ensure that our clients can keep planning and moving forward.