The Tribe

The Vu Tribe is an exclusive network of businesses supported by Vu Online.

The Tribe brings together people from a broad range of industries, using the power of story to drive business growth.

We deliver a range of digital services, training sessions and additional support aimed at filling the gaps between our core offering and our clients’ wider needs.

Why Join the Vu Tribe?

In our experience, in-house marketing departments, for those businesses that have them, are incredibly stretched. The knee-jerk reaction is often to outsource important marketing-related tasks to external agencies.

If this sounds like you, be aware that this is where problems start to happen. It is rare that an agency will understand the story of your brand without a lot of input and education from your side – and the story is where your true power lies!

The further you spread your net, the more diluted your story will become. Your audience starts to become disengaged but, with multiple agencies involved, you lose the ability to even measure your falling performance.

We felt there was a better way for those businesses we already had a relationship with. We knew we had the hands-on expertise and capability to weave those missing services into an organic network. The idea of the Vu Tribe was born.

The Vu Tribe brings everyone back to the primal form of customer decision making: emotion and feeling. We may have evolved the ability to take in facts, figures and opinion but it is still the story around the campfire that stays with us when the rest has been forgotten.

The Vu Tribe can help you and your customers retell and reinforce that story and spread it far and wide.


How Does the Tribe Work?

Our service programme stretches from top level consultancy right down to low level delivery, tracking and reporting at every level to measure and report ROI.

  • We consult with businesses at director level to better measure the effectiveness of your marketing and plan for success.
  • We help your marketing manager to translate your story effectively and report results accurately within a focused marketing strategy.
  • And we help your marketing team to decide what they can handle internally (and what needs to be outsourced), train them with the latest industry techniques, and assist them in gathering the materials they need for more effective storytelling.


We have three package options, which sounds most like you?

Select a Package Above

Which sounds most like you? Click one of the above to review the packages, these have been carefully devised to offer the right value for the size of your organisation.

Marketing Assistant Package

We know how hard it is to allocate a marketing budget when the finances are so up and down. However, without a marketing plan, it is easy to slip into reactive mode. We can help ease the pressure, spin some of those plates for you and feed back on your progress.

Marketing Manager Package

You have a clear vision and a plan in place but conflicting priorities is making it hard to see the wood for the trees. We can provide enough help to manage those priorities, support you in delivering your campaigns and keep you on track with the plan.

Marketing Department Package

Are you looking for someone to just give it to you straight? We can provide expertise to help you deliver your campaigns but where we can really add value to you is by setting up measurable tracking and producing clear, timely reports. You will know exactly who has done what and what the real impact was.

Essential Services

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Website Development & Maintenance - 2 hours per month

The support team will assist you in the maintenance of your site and be on hand for 2 hours per month to support with any uploads, issues or changes that you want to make to your website. Additional support hours are available at a set rate for those times when you need us most.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Management - Up to £75 per week budget

For a client of your size we would expect to see a weekly PPC budget of around £75. This package includes management time for an AdWords account of approximately that size. The budget spend on your PPC will be outside of the monthly costs to Vu.

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Content Creation - 1 x 300 word article per month

Vu's copywriter will provide you with one 300 word content article for your website each month. Working alongside you, the copy will be both engaging and informative for your audience and optimised for search.

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SEO - Research & Optimisation of 1 page per month

Vu will work with you to help you optimise your website and content production. We will also research and optimise one web page for you per month to ensure that your site is performing well.

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Training Sessions - 2 courses of your choice

Vu will be running a series of six half day training courses throughout the year on a variety of topics. On this package, one member of your team will have the opportunity to attend two of the courses of their choice. Spaces on each course will be limited and details and sign up information will be sent to you for each throughout the year.

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Monthly ROI Reporting

The key to success is accurate measuring and reporting. Each month, Vu will produce a report for you full of all of the key stats that your business will need to assess performance, room for improvement and areas of growth. This will be emailed out to you at the start of each month and the team will be on hand should you have any questions.

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Annual Progress Review Meeting

In addition to the monthly reporting, we will be tracking your company's progress throughout the year and compiling feedback ahead of our annual review meeting. This will be our opportunity to meet with you and your team face-to-face, to assess the progress and achievements of the year and to learn about your plans for the next year, including how we can continue to work together as a team to keep driving towards success.

Optional Packages (choose 1 of the below per annum)