The Tribe

The tribe packages are a collection of our services, the reason we have a package offering is to counter the belief that in some way the answer to your business growth lies in one or other of these services.

The reality is that “a website”, “adwords”, “email marketing” are all but tools in the toolbox. The tradesman is powerless without them, but they alone do not build the house.

A quality service, with measurable targets, underpins the use of the tools, then you need ongoing help for you and your team.

We have the experience and services to take you from planning to action.

But what will the end result be?

Increased revenue!

We generate sales for your business

It’s quite simple, our clients judge us on the returns we deliver, not the actions we take, which means we need to make you more than we cost, much more.

The way we do that is to measure conversion: sales (if the site is ecommerce) or email and phone enquiries if it isn’t. And report back to you accurate figures so you can decide if you are getting a return on your investment.

Read about Arborcure, a local company invested with yell, who got over 300 enquiries a year more for the same investment. Or view an example report.


Help you create a full sales funnel

We signed up to The Vu Tribe Marketing Assistant Package… Our old advertising would bring in maybe 3 to 5 enquiries a month, we now receive on average 7 a week.”

Through effective tracking of enquiries, you get to know how many people are interested enough in your products or services to get in touch: a lead. 

If you know your conversion rate of these leads and the average sale value, then you have a sales funnel for your business and can begin to make accurate projections for sales growth.

We helped Feilding Financial reorganise their website to get their web audience engaged with the first step on the customer journey, and feed a CRM system that upsold various additional products and services. 

Showcase your work

Hands-on help to showcase your projects and tell your story

You will need to showcase your work to win new clients, but it often falls down the priority list of a busy business. 

We work with your internal team to build a process to gather: before and after pictures, client testimonials, and key hurdles you overcame. 

Then we can produce the story for you to showcase an effective case study on your website to win the next big client.  We helped MPC gain a six figure contract with Ikea with a credible showcase of recent works.


Optimising your content for you

It takes research and skill to understand how to optimise the above content or create new effective content to get found by potential customers.

Better website content leads to more traffic, over time, the aim is to bolster your paid advertising with better rankings to create “free” traffic.

We have been technical support for Westminster based Water UK for many years and have seen their awareness grow online by over 500%.


Increased Knowledge

Up skill your team with training or workshops

One of our core values is education, we want to provide all the information and training that you need to make informed decisions about your digital marketing. 

Whether you have a team full of ideas for a new digital project and need a workshop to firm them into an actionable specification.

Or you or your team can sit with an expert at a group training session and network with few other local businesses for a morning, drink some coffee, have a pastry and finally get your head around SEO, WordPress or developing your brand message.


Increased Consistency

“They have exceeded my expectations, I am more than happy with the results MPC have gained in the short amount of time with Vu.”

It starts with a consistent approach that you can afford and understand. You don’t have to build a new website, we can begin to generate new leads with what you have.

For the likes of House of Marbles, we have been producing monthly reports with expert analysis for over 10 years, it keeps them in control of the numbers, and makes sure that the marketing plan evolves around the business goals and the evidence we discover.

Unlike a project, it’s not flashy and new, it’s not over promising, it’s not confusing or time consuming – it’s a consistent approach to best practice marketing, handled step by step.

And here’s the real kicker…

Less risk

It is free to get started, there’s only the advertising fees to pay in month one.

Like to know exactly what you’re going to get? Check out the deliverables of the package here.

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