10 years plus of website design and development experience

We have been delivering web apps and digital campaigns for small businesses owners, marketing teams, SMEs and not for profits across the South of England for over 12 years.

We make high-converting eCommerce websites that provide a beautiful customer experience, we do this by listening to customer needs and years of experience in understanding what drives their purchasing decisions.

We know the value of engaging with your team and stakeholders so we can understand their roles, as well as the brand, its values and the marketplace you want to target.

All of this ensures our work meets both your expectations as well as the aesthetic and technical standards of the project.

“I’ve had an excellent experience working with Vu. They are highly professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.”

London quality at Devon rates

Have a look below to see the kind of work we have been producing with our London clients, we are currently based on the Quay in Exeter.

Due to Covid-19 like many organisations, our systems and processes have been structured around distant working, with comms now managed through video calls and recorded videos for support or training requests.

This has changed the expectations of many of our eCommerce web design London based clients, so if you are going to manage your web project via zoom, then why not benefit from national quality production at Devon studio rates?

ecommerce web design london - the quay in Exeter
The quay in Exeter

WordPress / Woocommerce Experts

As WordPress specialists, we would recommend WooCommerce for eCommerce applications for the most part (however we have built a number of bespoke applications).

WordPress is well known for an almost infinite library of third party plugins that can change its function very quickly. Paired with a familiar dashboard that makes managing and updating the website easy for your team.

Getting payment gateways and shipping right

WooCommerce can also support a wide range of payment gateways which gives you the flexibility of choice. This choice could keep costs down based on expected sales quantities, or save time if you have a bricks and mortar store because it can be configured to integrate with your existing service provider and inventory.

We can also help you import your products and integrate with stock management where needed. All this automation is to help avoid having to manage stock levels and orders in multiple places causing an admin burden and frustrating customers.

ecommerce web design london

With you for the journey

We don’t believe the launch should be the end of the journey, we know the importance of getting to the top of Google for key searches, SEO is not an off the shelf product, success lies in a cyclical process of ongoing research and optimisation.

We would like to embed ourselves into your marketing department, picking up technical tasks that would be expensive to resource like maintenance, ongoing advertising or marketing and hosting.

All of these services will keep your website secure, fast and findable on search engines.

Environmentally friendly boost

Of course, our hosting is optimised for quick WordPress applications, ready to meet the needs of organisations ready to hit high technical standards for SEO post-launch.

Our servers are also run on 100% green energy, meaning you get to support the green web foundations mission of hosting a green website and do your bit to help the environment.

Plus, for every new hosting client, we will donate £25 to our partner company  Moor Trees.

ecommerce web design london

“Vu Online brought creativity, clear thinking and a high level of technical skills to the launch of our new website.”

Reducing our carbon impact

And although we do not have a legal requirement to report annual Carbon Emissions under Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting Regulations (SECR).

We have taken the decision to become a Net Zero Digital Agency are committed to reducing our carbon use.

You can read our carbon analysis in full, the long and the short of it is we will also offset any project of yours by contributing an equal amount of trees on your behalf.

Becoming part of the Vu Tribe

Like all our best clients, we would love to start a relationship for the long term, we will help you capture new sales through your new eCommerce website, with a range of managed marketing services on offer, all wrapped up in an easy monthly subscription package.

For us it’s not just about eCommerce web design in London, we are genuinely passionate about improving the way business is done in the South of England.

Would you like to have a chat about this?

If you think this may be something that would help make your business thrive then we would love to have a chat and offer some free advice.


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