The value of identifying customer needs

Identifying customer needs with a customer persona workshop

As an innovative small business UX design agency, we place your customers front and centre by working with you by identifying customer needs and wants through an innovative stand-alone Customer Persona Workshop.

“It’s like an onion, you start unpeeling these layers as you start writing down about your business and your customers. Identifying who they are, who I need to be focusing on and how do we reach out to them.”

Our unique Customer Persona Workshop starts with you and your team, teasing information and following evidence all the way through to creating personas so your small business can understand how it can best spend its marketing budget.

The benefit of this is to align your business and its messaging with that of your customers, understanding someone’s background or culture is a step in the right direction for honing a message that stands out from your competitors and gains engagement from your audience.

Customer Persona Workshop

Objectives of the Customer Persona Workshop

“They challenged our thinking and used their expertise and energy to generate the best result – meaning the whole process was simple and hassle free.”

During this 2 hour session, we’ll explore historical sources of business income, identify the role and motivations of your customers, clearly group customers by type and assess the dimensions of their behaviour.

In a highly enjoyable team-affirming session, we’ll gather enough information to produce a set of incredibly useful personas which can be used again and again at any part of your customer journey from marketing to business strategy.

Customer Persona Workshop

The benefits of a Customer Persona Workshop

  • A deep look into the personality types that buy from you
  • Understand their needs to buy
  • Understand their motivations to choose you
  • Get a sketch persona document to share with the team

Who should attend a Customer Persona Workshop?

The workshop runs for about 2 hours, can be done online or in person and is designed for groups of 3-12 people which can include:

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales
  • Anyone with deep interest in customers
  • A selection of real customers you invite to attend


The Customer Needs Workshop deliverables include:

  • A report containing
    • A set of sketch assumptive personas including dimensions and goals
    • Dimensions analysis
  • Clarity on your service offering
  • An enlightening team-building exercise

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Rachel from Gasket Guy UK shares her experience of doing a digital workshop

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