Are you looking after your customer data?

First steps to a GDPR audit

All businesses have customer data. It’s on paper, in drawers, on USB drives, on personal devices, in websites, mailing lists or networks and in the cloud. It’s everywhere. Do you really understand what you have and what your responsibilities are?

“it all came very clear after just one workshop which was great, then from there it all started to just fit into place.”

There’s no “kitemark” for data processing and storage, but a responsible attitude starts with understanding what you have, where it is and what it’s used for. That’s your responsibility and we’ll help you get some clarity and build trust with your customers by conducting the first steps of a GDPR audit.

Objectives for the Data Audit Workshop

During this 2 hour session, we’ll explore the kinds of customer data you have including special category data, list all the places this data is stored and clarify your position on legitimate use.

We’ll go on to define a retention policy that works for your business and capture the basic information required to write a privacy policy that will build trust with your customers.

At the end of the session we’ll role play a Subject Access Request to challenge what we’ve learned.

“What can seem daunting at the beginning when you think, I don’t know which way to go, then suddenly after a couple of hours it’s all there.”

Who should attend a GDPR Audit Workshop

The workshop runs for about 2 hours, can be done online or in person and is designed for groups of 2-4 people which can include:

  • Business owners
  • Sales
  • Operation managers
  • Technologists


The Data Audit Workshop deliverables include:

  • A compliant data and privacy statement for public use
  • Clarity on your personal data risk
  • A retention and deletion strategy
  • A list of data storage places for future reference
  • Provide recommendations for larger businesses who may need a Data Protection Officer

What do our clients think?

Rachel from Gasket Guy UK shares her experience of doing a digital workshop

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