ecommerce product photography

Ecommerce product photography

Beautifully framed, perfectly shot, expertly edited

Ecommerce product photography for your Amazon UK store, Etsy shop, eBay, Not On The High Street platform, or product pack shots for your own ecommerce store. Try our product pick-up, shoot and return service.

Is a photoshoot for the web really that much different?

Ecommerce product photography

Professional ecommerce product photography will play a key role in sales on any platform whether it’s your own ecommerce store, or one of the main platforms – Amazon, Etsy or eBay.

“Vu are a brilliant company to work with, I can’t recommend them more highly. They have advised and guided me through the process of setting up an ecommerce website that really competes.”

Our product shots, food & drink photography or lifestyle and interiors experience will create an impression meaning you can compete effortlessly while bringing a sense of style that fits with your brand.

ecommerce product photography
Lifestyle or product we will get the right crop for your shot.

Editing, optimisation for websites and clipping paths

Our service includes editing for colour, balance and composition that will fit the medium you already use and bring consistency to your brand.

The processed composition of our ecommerce product photography is captured for a range of aspect ratio use cases and we provide original unprocessed assets for you to use again and again without limitation.

Small assets destined for ecommerce platforms are optimised for a small file size, stripped of unnecessary metadata and given SEO optimised filenames for maximum findability on the internet. And if watermarking is required, we’ll do that too.

Large assets can be processed to include clipping paths for use in other compositions, including print by your own creative team and the rights to all assets are exclusively owned by you.

Product pick-up, shoot and return

We’ll pick-up, shoot and return your products anywhere in the South Devon area and provide online downloads of your finished ecommerce product photography assets.

ecommerce product photography - perfect banner photography for website
Change the tone of your website with beautiful photography.

“You weren’t fazed. We feel if we need to take it to the next level you could handle it.”

Consistent photography for web

When creating shots for the web it isn’t just the square product images, perfectly edited with even spacing (although that is critical for any e-commerce site), it is the coordination of photographers on set to ensure you get the width of shot for the banner image or the look and feel of what the image implies rather than the context.

We understand a film director would look for different things to an actor on a film set, and in the same vein we encourage businesses to value that the website designer is looking for something different from his photography.

Having a web designer on set for art direction could be the difference between a wasted shoot or a productive one.

The benefits of professional product photography

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