Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop for small businesses

We feel our clients’ pain when they come to us, frustrated at trying a new digital channel with little results.

Our advice is always the same, without the thinking work at the beginning and effective tracking, you will have poor results, very little useful data for your efforts and be left with no more than a hole in your pocket to show for it.

We have found that we then take our clients back a step, help them work out the offering and how to take it to market, set budgets, targets and track them. They have far more success when moving to “the doing”.

Objectives for of the Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop

During this 2 hour session, we’ll identify your products or services and the marketplace, examine your business model, establish a suitable annual marketing budget, define the tools you’ll need and guide you on how to measure success.

With guided questioning we’ll look at the lifetime value of your customers, conversion rates and identify your small business blind spots.

Who should attend a Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop

The workshop runs for about 2 hours, can be done online or in person and is designed for groups of 1-3 people which can include:

  • Small business owners
  • Marketing managers
  • Sales

“We now have a better understanding of digital marketing, a fantastic website and a marketing strategy to assist us in achieving our goals.”


A 5 stage actionable marketing plan covering:

  • Your marketplace
  • Pricing and budget
  • Marketing channels and targets
  • The customer journey
  • Set and review of targets

Would you like to have a chat about this?

If you think this may be something that would help make your business thrive then we would love to have a chat and offer some free advice.


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