House Of Marbles

From humble beginnings creating board games for sale at craft fairs, House of Marbles have become a global brand, making and selling marbles, puzzles, toys, classic games and decorative accessories for the home and garden.

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House of Marbles had very specific needs when they started looking for a digital marketing partner.


Looking for Clarity

Prior to their meeting with us, they were finding it frustrating dealing with faceless web companies who would pass them back and forth between various ‘IT support’ type people.

They found it refreshing to finally talk to people who, from the outset, wanted to understand their business and its complexities. They appreciated how we always spoke in plain language and made the conversation very much about them.

Rather than promising the Earth if they spent x amount today, we were honest. We told them that they were not yet in the position to get where they wanted to go but that we were happy to be patient and work with them for as long as it took.


Piecing Together a Global Puzzle

Unusually, House of Marbles came to us wanting an ongoing support arrangement from the off. They already owned various websites and weren’t looking for a redesign.

House of Marbles’ complex IT presence includes several B2B and B2C e-commerce sites, brochure sites and new B2B sites for different regions of the world.

There is lots of scope for things to go awry and they wanted to be cared for by a responsive team who could tweak what they had and gradually push things forward.

Working with a limited budget, House of Marbles wanted help with their digital marketing and for us to add those little touches that could increase their value.

“Vu Online is a very professional company who are somehow also able to come across in a very personal way.”


Rolling out Smart Campaigns

To help bring things together, we organised a planning day with the House of Marbles internal marketing team with half a day dedicated to B2B and the other half spent on the B2C side.

Together we created a considered marketing plan, looking at the resources they had available, drilling down into the detail of their campaigns and getting their team into the position where they could take the plan and run with it.

“Accepting that not all clients necessarily know technical terms, cutting out jargon and making things easy to work through in a measured and constructive manner.”

The team appreciated our advice and guidance on best practice. A common thread that often emerges from these kind of planning day is the value of linking digital marketing activities together. For example, this might include writing a blog post, sharing it on social media and then sending out a newsletter referring to the post.

We also helped them to use keyword research to take advantage of customer demand, most notably with the substitution of the term ‘misshapen nuggets’ for ‘glass pebbles,’ a product that the business shifts in volumes for home and garden decorations, this slight shift in language put them right in front of their target market.


Teamwork: A Clear Pane of Glass

House of Marbles have found that using the Teamwork platform works well for them. They like the way that they can throw in ideas and things that are broken, knowing that these will be looked at and the time spent tracked.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone and in fact have already. A truly global company who are able to work both on a local and international level.”

This helps them to prioritise and set clear expectations as to what needs to be done. They are clear about the time that is allocated to them on a monthly basis and when they need to either wait until the next month or book extra time.

As with all of our clients, House of Marbles need regular reports. With someone else’s finger on the pulse of their KPIs, they know they will have help interpreting the data and the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. Again, by using plain language, we help them to make informed decisions based on the numbers.

House of Marbles continue to work with Vu Online because they can see the relationship is working based on an increase in sales. Both sides know each other’s constraints as we work together to move them ever closer to where they want to be.

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