House of Marbles and Vu - A Vu Tribe Testimonial

The Challenge

To help an organisation strategise and move in to new digital marketplaces for both trade and domestic customers across the globe

“Whenever I talk about our meetings I feel it’s an extension of house of marbles – that’s how close I think the relationship is.”

Piecing Together a Global Puzzle

House of Marbles and Vu have built a collaborative partnership over many years.

With over half a dozen websites covering domestic and trade marketplaces all over the world, Vu have helped translate the magical tradition and personality of the famous attraction in Bovey Tracey, into a strong modern digital E-commerce presence.

Development and ongoing maintenance of multiple sites requires expertise, but after years of maintenance, the real value they feel we bring to the relationship is in supporting the team to plan, scope and build new projects as technology evolves.

Over a period of several years we have built and moved several B2B and B2C e-commerce sites, brochure sites and static sites into modern opensource systems, and setup a host of third party systems to support the organisational growth.

“Vu Online is a very professional company who are somehow also able to come across in a very personal way.”

Strategic Planning & Dedicated Support

Over the years House Of Marbles have benefitted from us chairing a monthly marketing meeting. Reviewing a bespoke report with years of data, we analyse the performance of the global digital presence, discuss new ideas with the marketing team and divvy up the workload between us.

Design, development and marketing decisions taken from 10 years of data gathering

Unlike just a maintenance or hosting arrangement, it has meant we have been able to bring new learnings and fresh ideas to the organisation, whilst also learning from theirs.

We have used our collective skills to support each other’s knowledge gaps and built firm friendships along the way.

But also by having a slightly external angle, we can facilitate workshops and planning sessions with multiple stakeholders across the whole organisation, ensuring that all the voices are heard and the global priorities are met with an effective next step.

“Accepting that not all clients necessarily know technical terms, cutting out jargon and making things easy to work through in a measured and constructive manner.”

On a roll

We don’t just offer strategic support, we also get stuck in on the day to day marketing, maintenance and support.

For example, this might include sharing roles between us to create the following: conceptualising campaigns, keyword research to educate the content, quality optimised content creation, reaching a new audience with advertising, and educating the existing audience with a newsletter.

In our experience for any organisation it can be challenge to have all the skills and time required for this kind of rounded approach and a close relationship with an agency like us is an affordable way to realise this.

Teamwork: A Clear Pane of Glass

One of the reasons for concise execution of marking campaigns is that House of Marbles have engaged with our project management System: Teamwork.

One of over 10 sites managed and maintained across the brand

They love the way that they can throw in ideas as tasks, and know that these will be picked up and resolved by the relevant expert at Vu.

Every month, they can review the tasks completed and time spent against the progress reports and plan ahead for the next one.



Hit sales target


2020 Retail Growth


ROI Adwords Spend


Conversion Rate

Last year, the team were absolutely delighted to set highly aspirational targets and smash them, with a milestone sales target met for the first time in the company’s history.

Testament to their tremendous hard work, unique brand and highly knowledgable team it’s truly a collaboration we are a delighted to have been a part of and hope to be for many more years.

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