Tribe packages are annual support contracts for digital marketing services and are paid by monthly invoice.

Website Support & Development

The support team will assist you in the maintenance of your website with issues or changes that you want to make to your website. Additional support hours are available at a set rate for those times when you need us most.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Hours allocated to website maintenance and support each month2 Hours4 Hours8 Hours

PPC Management

We will act as your PPC agency managing the full lifecycle of your PPC campaigns. The hours allocated to manage your PPC campaigns each month assumes a capped budget which approximates to the effort required to manage that budget.

Maximum monthly PPC budgets are not included in the Tribe package.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Maximum monthly PPC budget permitted£300£600£1000
Hours allocated to manage monthly PPC campaign2 Hours4 Hours8 Hours

Content creation

Vu’s copywriter will provide 300 word articles for your website each month. Working alongside you, the copy will be both engaging and informative for your audience and optimised for search.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Number of 300 word articles per month124


Vu will provide a well-rounded SEO service to you on a monthly basis, consisting of SEO research, backlink building (where applicable) and optimisation of up to three content pages per month.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Keyword researchYesYesYes
Number of pages optimised per month133
Backlink buildingNoNoYes


Vu will provide a series of six half day training courses throughout the year on a variety of topics. One member of your team will have the opportunity to attend the courses of their choice. Spaces on each course will be limited with details and sign-up information will be sent to you throughout the year.

Subscriptions to the Large Business Tribe package will benefit from an additional bespoke consultancy training day with Vu for up to 4 members of your team.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Number of courses offered each year for 1 team member234
A bespoke consultancy day for 4 team membersNoNoYes


Each month, Vu will produce a report with key stats for you to assess performance, room for improvement and areas of growth. This will be emailed to you at the start of each month and Vu will be on hand should you have any questions.

Medium and Large Business Tribe packages will receive a personal quarterly meeting to review the data for the period. We’ll work with you to plan a strategy for the next quarter that supports your wider business goals.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Monthly reportingYesYesYes
Quarterly meetingNoYesYes


We will track your company’s progress throughout the year and compile feedback ahead of our annual review meeting. This will be our opportunity to meet with you and your team face-to-face, to assess the progress and achievements of the year and to learn about your plans for the next year.

Large Business Tribe customers will receive a review meeting twice a year.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Annual reviewYesYesYes
Half-yearly reviewNoNoYes

Additional services

Each Tribe package includes 1 free extra service chosen from:


Photo shoot

A half day shoot with our Vu photographer. Whether you need some headshots for your staff profiles, team shots or photos of work in action, we will be able to provide you with up to 25 professional images for use across your website and social media.

Photo shoot is available across all Tribe packages.

Video shoot

Film up to two short interview style videos (approx. 1 minute long each) per year. These are great for senior management within your company to engage with your audience with more personal content and share a bit more on the ethos and story behind the business.

Video shoot is available to Medium and Large Business Tribe packages.

Drone video shoot

One drone video shoot (approx. 1- 2 mins long). These are a fantastic way to introduce a product, explain and demonstrate a service or give a different perspective on your brand.

Drone video shoot is only available in the Large Business Tribe package.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Photo shootYesYesYes
Video shootNoYesYes
Drone video shootNoNoYes

Social media advertising campaigns

Vu will create and manage social media campaigns for you across all of your social media platforms. This means that each quarter you can target people with a new product, service or event.

Costs incurred from using paid services on social media platforms are not included. If you wish to use paid services for social media advertising we will pass these on at cost.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Number of social media advertising campaigns246

Brand development

Vu either refine and align what you already have in place, or will create a new logo for you to roll out across your business.

For Medium and Large Business Tribe packages, Vu will create a 5 page brand style guide that covers your digital branding for implementation across your digital platforms and activities.

Large Business Tribe customers will receive a market review to see how your brand compares to your competitors’ and others in your industry. This will also include working with you to review and develop your company’s tone of voice across its marketing material.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Logo creation or refinementYesYesYes
5 page brand guidelinesNoYesYes
Competitor brand analysisNoNoYes

Email marketing

All Tribe packages include a Mailchimp account to set your business on the right path to email marketing. This will also include the creation of email templates to get you started. Vu will also create and manage marketing campaigns for you over the course of the year.

Additional costs for volumes of email that exceed the free allocation by Mailchimp are not included in the cost of the Tribe package.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Mailchimp accountYesYesYes
Number of included templates111
Number of managed campaigns per year136


We will work alongside our local print partners to deliver a stationery bundle that is right for you. This can be a mix of business cards for your team, branded letterheads that mirror your digital branding, or a tri-fold leaflet to promote your business, a product, or your services. Volumes and finishes will be subject to prices at the time of order.

The size of the Stationery bundle depends on the Tribe package subscription. Estimated value is the amount we will spend on printed deliverables. Volumes and finishes will be subject to print prices at the time of order.

Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Business cards and letterheadsYesYesYes
Tri-Fold leafletNoYesYes
Dedicated design timeMinimum4 Hours6 Hours
Brochures (up to 16pp)NoNoYes
Estimated value£500£1000£1500
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