A specialist service for larger organisations

Our client services team will enable you to report issues and requests for maintenance via dedicated software which tracks all tasks against your account. We don’t need a high level of technical communication from you and we keep our communications simple and jargon free.

Tweaks, updates and security

Our annual WordPress website maintenance agreements permit businesses the confidence to understand their WordPress websites and applications are being routinely maintained for security, search engine optimisation and customer data cleanliness. The agreements permit client requests, development tasks and proactive maintenance by our development team within agreed timescales and budgets.

  • Plugin updates
  • Security updates
  • Core CMS updates
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Monthly reporting

An ongoing backlog where nothing gets lost

Our maintenance agreements are aimed at businesses with multiple stakeholders who will need to raise issues for the lifespan of a website or web application. We provide ways to log all incidents and issues into a continuous rolling backlog where issues are prioritised against a service level agreement and dealt with according to a set monthly budget.

This means that all issues are captured and remain in the backlog until they are actioned proactively by our developers according to priority. This has the benefit capping your monthly spend and making your maintenance agreement a predictable annual expense that adheres to your digital maintenance budgets.

“Since launch in April, Vu have been on hand and quick to respond to all our queries as we navigate our way around. They are always friendly, enthusiastic and keen to find solutions.”

Reporting process and our response

We will introduce your team to a suitable ticketing system that captures everything and forms the basis for our monthly reporting to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Website Maintenance

Are updates to WordPress automatic?

No, we never set up automatic updates for your WordPress applications because we believe it’s safer for your business if we do them by hand.

What happens if the website updates in the middle of the night and breaks?

The timing of the updates is fixed by us and happens predictably at the same time each month.

What happens if the updates break my website?

When there’s an update to WordPress we take time under the Maintenance Agreement to test the website and ensure it still functions correctly.

Will you tell me when updates have happened?

Yes. Each month you’ll receive a report of what’s been updated.

What do I do if I need to ask for changes to my WordPress website?

Just get in touch through our support desk and let us know about the issue. If possible include a screenshot and a member of the team will get back to you with a timescale and estimated cost to resolve the issue for you.


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