The Challenge

To support a leading digital agency on several high level projects by providing a range of specialised digital services.

Managing their bandwidth

The GovPress team at dxw host and maintain digital services for over 100 clients. Managing day-to-day maintenance, alongside project work means they often need to rapidly increase their capacity to meet client demand.

To provide a consistent level of service across multiple workstreams, they occasionally reach out to trusted agency partners.

Dxw and Vu have worked together for a number of years. We work from the same government frameworks and have an established track record, so dxw know we’ll meet their expectations for quality and security.


Huge thanks this week to the gang at Vu Online who have moved at light speed to help me out, and who are generally just all round lovely people.

This is especially important for the high profile projects they work on. Whether they needed hands-on technical capability or high level discovery work, they were confident that we would provide the same level of quality that they would themselves.

Drawing from our digital toolbox

DXW, and their GovPress team, have brought us in on several high level projects, involving organisations such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and National Audit Office (NAO).

Each project has required a slightly different set of digital services from us: from providing specialist technical skills to leading multi-stakeholder workshops and digital discovery



One of our strengths has been in organising large groups of internal and external stakeholders to extract quantitative and qualitative data that dxw can then use to inform their digital projects.

For example, our work with the DHSC involved deploying a suite of evidence-based research tools to gain practical insights into what end users expected from the department’s intranet.


We also provided MVP user research on the ONS project and UX design testing on the Settle Housing Association project.

The Solution

Through our invaluable discovery work and technical skills, we have helped dxw and GovPress provide a consistent, professional and high quality service to their clients.


For an example of the value we’ve provided for dxw, read about the DHSC project.

Would happily recommend Vu as excellent partners for any digital agency 🌟

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