The Challenge

To refine the company's understanding of their customers' needs, personalise their brand and build them a website optimised for conversion.

We packed a punch

Impressed by the professional look and feel of our website, and those we had designed for our customers, ISS’s Marketing Manager suggested us as a possible digital partner. As it happened – we were already on the mind of their Managing Director, who had attended one of our events. Coincidence or was it meant to be?

Your website was well laid out which was what we were looking for, so I joined your mailing list and I thought “those emails look really professional.”

Our video testimonials also proved persuasive, highlighting the business and personal value we love to bring to our work.

More importantly, the ISS team wanted an agency they could work with. After meeting with us, they soon realised that we offered that friendly but professional collaboration they were after.

Taking stock

The Indoor Self Storage team were unsure about what was working with their website. Rather than tinker with their existing set-up, we started with some Customer Needs and Branding workshops to unpack the facts.

A screen of the digital workshop that unpicked the customer’s needs and values 

To uncover what people love about ISS, we did customer research on Zoom talking to existing customers. We helped build marketing personas to identify where customers might be found and how to talk to them, and for Indoor Self Storage to connect more deeply with their potential customers we carried out several value-based exercises.

Our brand guidelines define practical design elements as well as purposeful messaging

“Having worked with you, we feel that you really are marketing professionals. We trust you and we you’ve taken the time to understand more about our business. We feel that you’ve given massive value to what we’re doing.”

Trustworthy, safe and customer-centric emerged as core values along with the tagline ‘We take the stress out of storage, bringing clarity to your next step…’

Rounding the edges

We softened their logo, defined their colour palette and created a branding document for consistency.

By creating customer personas, we could update all their ads to individual consistent messages

This approach of consistency was then brought into the advertising plan for the year, as we helped ISS look at every touch point from a persona perspective – simplifying the messaging and reducing the design time of each flyer/leaflet.

We laid out the service range as individual landing pages for better advertising conversion 

We then built ISS an SEO-optimised WordPress website, creating several dedicated landing pages for the key business and personal services with our personas held at the heart of them.

“You were able to break it down and give us all those pieces step by step with the workshops we did. We found that really useful and I don’t feel we could have done that between just the two of us and the rest of the team.”

This led to a brand communication that held the customer aspirations, not the transaction, mirroring the fantastic Indoor Self Storage team and their caring, personal service.

The Solution

After helping ISS uncover their core values and personalise their brand, we built them a visually striking, powerfully optimised website.


Getting to heart of why your customers choose you and spending time in the discovery & branding work enabled a swifter production for the marketing elelemnts that followed.

It enabled the organisation to simplify its advertising strategy and create focussed landing pages for both their digital and print advertising campaigns.

Stacks of workshops: ticking all the boxes

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