The Challenge

Create a website that not only looks great, but handles the user customisation of cards and produces print ready artwork.

Who are Invite Press?

Rebecca from Invite Press was used to sending personalised cards in her native America but was frustrated with the lack of similar services in the UK. She took the opportunity to fill a gap in the market by creating her own niche solution. 

Rebecca needed to find a web agency with both the technical skills to handle the custom card creation and ordering process and the design chops to ensure we met her demands for high-end presentation.

Vu took on this bespoke and highly technical challenge and delivered exactly what Rebecca wanted: a nicely designed but powerful website with fully customisable card creation and ordering facility.

“From start to finish they were professional, knowledgeable and great to work with.”

A Special Invitation

Like many business-minded people, Rebecca assumed that the best place to find the expertise she needed was in London but found the prices the agencies were charging were just too high to justify. Fortunately, a former Vu Online colleague pointed her in our direction. After meeting with us, Rebecca realised she could get everything she needed here in Devon – and for a sensible price!

The Solution

This exciting project required plenty of time, energy and technical knowhow to pull off. The hard work was worth it as Invite Press now have an attractive customer-facing website with a powerful back-end capable of doing the heavy lifting.

“I am delighted with the result and pleased that Vu understood my vision and executed it so well.”

Getting Ready for Press

To provide the service her customers would expect, Rebecca knew she needed a website that provided more than a pleasant browsing experience. As the entire Invite Press business would be dependent on the website, it was critical that everything worked perfectly.

In terms of design, Rebecca came to us with a developed high-end aesthetic which we were tasked with interpreting and turning into a visually appealing customer-facing website.

On the front-end, Vu Online integrated ‘Moonpig-type’ functionality which could be applied to bulk orders rather than single products. We created plenty of customisation options so Invite Press customers could design the inside and outside of each card as well as choose the type of paper they wanted, the design, quantity and more.

Much of the back-end technical work needed to create the print-ready pdf documents would simply be beyond the capabilities of many web agencies and developers but Vu pulled it off, streamlining the product creation process and making the user journey as pleasurable as possible.


With the peace of mind of having a reliable website that is both visually engaging and functional, Invite Press can now serve their customers with confidence.

By finding an effective solution within their budget, the company can now focus on growing and developing their business.

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