The Challenge

To convert a basic Word document into a professional, eye-catching PDF that would convince website visitors to download the information.

What was our role?

Ready for the unexpected

This project came about out of the blue, and illustrates the value of networking and being open for new challenges.

Gavin Ball connected with Vu at a networking event, and during our conversation, they brought up the graphic design and lead generation issue they were struggling with.

Within a short conversation we had demonstrated expertise, shared advice and left Gavin to his networking. When he came back a short while later asking for us to take the pain away, we outlined our proposed solution and were given the green light to get creative.

What is a lead magnet?

Lead magnets aren’t a new concept, however like so many digital tools, sometimes they dubbed “the golden bullet”, perhaps as one organisation has some success and shares this new must-do tactic with others.

We believe it takes a rounded approach of engagement with potential customers to win their business, and lead magnets can play a big part in that. The premise is simple, offer some advice that is so valuable that customers will happily share their email address in order to access it, normally a digital download and then you get the opportunity to start a dialogue by sending emails at a point in the future.

It can work particularly well with lead nurture email campaigns, so have a look here if you need some help getting setup, meanwhile we return to Gavin’s story.

Where there’s a Will…

Gavin Ball provided us with a word document of what he would like to express, he had no formal brand guidelines, so one of our main tasks was to audit their website and collect information regarding the colours, fonts and overall style of presentation they prefer. We also sourced a copy of their logo.

With no photographic assets to draw from, we also had to source high quality stock images that would blend with the aesthetic of the company’s website and appeal to their target audience. Having collected the pieces together, it was time to design a professional, polished document.

To convince a web visitor to part with their email address, it is important to offer them something of value. PDF downloads are an established format for various types of lead magnet, so this was the natural choice for a downloadable resource.

The Solution

Using the company’s branding and text, we designed a smart, professional document which could be easily downloaded by interested visitors.

Business owners often have great design ideas, but they can struggle with the execution. We provided the resources Gavin Ball were lacking to create a professional, visually appealing downloadable document.

“Superb service. I am very happy with the end product. Highly recommended. I will be using them again!”

Struggling to execute your plans?

If you don’t have the time or resource to complete a design or branding task to your satisfaction, let Vu Online fill the gap.


Armed with their slick looking downloadable PDF guide, Gavin Ball can be confident leads won’t regret handing over their email addresses. Professionalism is important in such a sensitive field, and the company’s reputation will benefit from this modest addition to their digital marketing assets.

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