The Challenge

To incorporate the trusted Attomarker brand into the graphic design of a mobile app dashboard and a novel 'Liver Game'.

What was our role?

Branding: it’s in our DNA

Having shared an office with the Vu Online team, iOS developer Nick Ager knew exactly who to turn to when it came to the branding and UX design aspect of his technical work on Attomarker’s Biomark app.

He was also aware of our strategic process of identifying a company’s target audience and presenting marketing messages to them in the most effective way.

In turn, we were keen to demonstrate how effectively we can work with both solo developers and project teams on the visual and user-centric aspects of app development.

As ever, the success is down to a collaboration with their team and our hands-on support and expert advice.

Game for a challenge

User experience (UX) design can make or break an app, so our first task was to understand the purpose of the app and its target audience.

Attomarker provide a lot of technical information in their flagship Biomark app, and this is part of its market appeal. The challenge was presenting this detail to users without overwhelming them.

By working creatively with Attomarker’s existing brand assets, we designed a graphic interface which used colour and charts to help users navigate the app while breaking up the text. We designed several screens (dashboard, medical history page, etc.)

We also worked with Attomarker on ‘gamifying’ their liver function diagnostics tool. We designed an animated character as part of ‘The Liver Game’, a companion app designed to help people improve their lifestyle through education and frequent monitoring of liver function. Appealing to a younger market is important for companies looking to promote early health interventions.

The Solution

By working creatively with Attomarker’s brand assets, we designed a user dashboard and a fun character for two mobile apps.

Balancing speed, diagnostic information, clarity of presentation and visual appeal will be critical to brands, like Attomarker, looking to lead the field of personalised medicine.


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