Sweet Memories

Cupcake Videos specialises in producing quality and creative wedding videos that have a filmic quality, making its work stand out from other wedding videographers. Although Cupcake had a website to showcase its work as the business expanded it needed something extra special that truly reflected the unique quality of its videos. That’s where Vu Online came in:

“Vu have offered us valuable expertise on how to make the right impression on the wedding industry, and implemented it superbly.”

– Milos Cubrillo, Owner of Cupcake Videos

A special service

Cupcake Videos is all about quality and creativity, and this had to shine through on the new site.Just as the videos that the company produces are unique compared to those produced by its competitors, its website also needed to stand out.

The Proposal

Our approach was to keep the same basic structure as the old site and focus on creating a design that would show off the Cupcake video portfolio with as much impact as possible. It was also important to provide more information on the team to help build a feeling of trust with potential customers. In addition to this, testimonials would form an important part of the design, highlighting how well received previous videos had been.

Marrying creativity and quality

The result was a site that captures everything that makes Cupcake Videos stand out, reinforcing the quality of its offering and its creative mindset. Visitors are welcomed with a clip from one of the videos, overlaid with a greeting, that establishes a friendly atmosphere and invites them to discover what they would gain from hiring Cupcake Videos.

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