The Tribe Packages

Building your brand starts with telling your story.

It starts with a strong, strategic approach that explains in no uncertain terms why you do what you do.

It is this storytelling that is at the heart of what we do.

Combined with our years of experience in the industry and our understanding of what really works, we deliver our Vu Tribe members outstanding service and digital marketing strategy that grows and evolves with their business.

What is the “Vu Tribe”?

In the many years that we’ve been delivering digital services to our network of businesses, we’ve seen the industry develop at an extremely fast pace.

We love what we do. And, while we’ve enthusiastically kept up with the increasing complexities of the digital landscape, we recognise that it is not always so easy for our clients.

We signed up to The Vu Tribe Marketing Assistant Package… Our old advertising would bring in maybe 3 to 5 enquiries a month, we now receive on average 7 a week.”

What we often hear is that marketing teams are stretched and time is precious.

Budgets need to be spent wisely but often, in order to get the job done, projects are divided across multiple providers and delivered piecemeal.

Without the time and space to execute an integrated approach, a well-thought out strategic plan can be diluted and reporting unreliable.

Clients were telling us that they felt the effectiveness of their plans were in jeopardy and therefore their investment.

Starting to sound familiar?

You’re not alone. Of the 6200+ marketers across 99 countries polled in a 2017 survey*, when asked what their biggest marketing challenge was, 40% said ‘providing the ROI of our marketing activities’. 

We listened and with a desire to address these issues, we’ve developed a range of services to meet the need for quality, reliability and measurable results. 

It starts with telling your story

For a brand to realise its potential, your story has to be on point and this is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

We work with you to develop a strategy that is anchored by your brand story. What we mean by that is, the ‘why’ of your business. Without having a strong answer to this question your marketing plans are never going to have the impact you’re looking for.

We work with you and your teams to ensure your story is solid, engaging and aligned with the growth plan of your business.

How does The Vu Tribe work?

The Vu Tribe brings together brand development, storytelling, digital strategy & delivery, training and reporting in whatever combination your business requires them. 

It stretches from top level strategic consultancy down to simpler execution and delivery. Our robust tracking and reporting system means that every aspect of what we deliver is measured and ROI reported. It’s joined up thinking and it works.

“They have exceeded my expectations, I am more than happy with the results MPC have gained in the short amount of time with Vu.”

What is actually included?

  • Digital Brand Strategy & Development
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Management
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • SEO – Research, Backlink Building and Optimisation
  • Training and Industry Knowledge Sharing
  • Analytics and ROI Reporting
  • Photo and Video Content
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Logo Refinement and Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing and Stationery Material


Where is your need right now?

Take a look at our three options and click the one that resonates most with you.

Select a Package Above

Which sounds most like you? Click one of the above to review the packages, these have been carefully devised to offer the right value for the size of your organisation.

Marketing Assistant Package

We know how hard it is to allocate a marketing budget when the finances are so up and down. However, without a marketing plan, it is easy to slip into reactive mode. We can help ease the pressure, spin some of those plates for you and feed back on your progress.

Marketing Manager Package

You have a clear vision and a plan in place but conflicting priorities is making it hard to see the wood for the trees. We can provide enough help to manage those priorities, support you in delivering your campaigns and keep you on track with the plan.

Marketing Department Package

Are you looking for someone to just give it to you straight? We can provide expertise to help you deliver your campaigns but where we can really add value to you is by setting up measurable tracking and producing clear, timely reports. You will know exactly who has done what and what the real impact was.

Essential Services

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Website Development & Maintenance - 2 hours per month

The support team will assist you in the maintenance of your site and be on hand for 2 hours per month to support with any uploads, issues or changes that you want to make to your website. Additional support hours are available at a set rate for those times when you need us most.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Management - Up to £75 per week budget

For a client of your size we would expect to see a weekly PPC budget of around £75. This package includes management time for an AdWords account of approximately that size. The budget spend on your PPC will be outside of the monthly costs to Vu.

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Content Creation - 1 x 300 word article per month

Vu's copywriter will provide you with one 300 word content article for your website each month. Working alongside you, the copy will be both engaging and informative for your audience and optimised for search.

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SEO - Research & Optimisation of 1 page per month

Vu will work with you to help you optimise your website and content production. We will also research and optimise one web page for you per month to ensure that your site is performing well.

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Training Sessions - 2 courses of your choice

Vu will be running a series of six half day training courses throughout the year on a variety of topics. On this package, one member of your team will have the opportunity to attend two of the courses of their choice. Spaces on each course will be limited and details and sign up information will be sent to you for each throughout the year.

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Monthly ROI Reporting

The key to success is accurate measuring and reporting. Each month, Vu will produce a report for you full of all of the key stats that your business will need to assess performance, room for improvement and areas of growth. This will be emailed out to you at the start of each month and the team will be on hand should you have any questions.

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Annual Progress Review Meeting

In addition to the monthly reporting, we will be tracking your company's progress throughout the year and compiling feedback ahead of our annual review meeting. This will be our opportunity to meet with you and your team face-to-face, to assess the progress and achievements of the year and to learn about your plans for the next year, including how we can continue to work together as a team to keep driving towards success.

Optional Packages (choose 1 of the below per annum)

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