Would You Like To Be Greener but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Our digital sustainability audit is designed to help you understand the environmental impact of your digital footprint—from your website to your emails and online storage. Let’s do the research, gather the impact and shine a light on alternative choices so you can take the first step together towards a more sustainable business.

Why Should You Care About Digital Sustainability?

Every digital product we use has a tangible physical impact on the environment. The servers that host our data, the energy required to power our devices, and the infrastructure needed to support the internet all consume natural resources and contribute to carbon emissions.

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Businesses also use the resources of the planet to produce products, and deliver services. As we increasingly rely on digital tools, we have a responsibility to understand and mitigate the environmental footprint. The audit will help you:

Reduce Energy Consumption

Learn how your digital activities can be optimised to consume less energy.

Cut Costs

Discover how going green can save you money by using alternative suppliers or by reducing unnecessary digital waste.

Enhance Your Brand

Create stakeholder engagement with both your team and customers by showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Stay Ahead of Regulations

Be proactive about compliance with emerging environmental standards and win new clients who value their supplier’s green credentials.

The benefits of a digital sustainability audit

  • Impact Analysis: Understand the carbon footprint of your website and digital tools and get actionable tips to reduce it.
  • Alternative Green Tools: Learn new alternative tools that may save money and minimise environmental impact.
  • Online Storage Review: Get insights on how to streamline your cloud storage to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Physical Equipment: In order to work on digital projects we all need equipment, find out how eco-friendly yours is.
  • Personalised Sustainability Plan: Receive a customized plan with clear steps to make your business more eco-friendly.

Deliverables & Investment

The Digital sustainability audit deliverables include:

  • A detailed report
  • Investment: £300

Easy 3 step audit process

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  • 2.Quick survey

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  • 3.Report & Review

    Then we get to work and send over your audit document, full of actionable insights.


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