The Challenge

To define and build a new brand within the House of Marbles ecosystem and develop a high-end e-commerce website.

Playing the Long Game

Vu Online have been a long-term agency partner of House of Marbles.

After sitting on the concept for a long time, they finally came to us to help develop the Boutique brand. After we presented our ideas, they felt we hit the nail on the head in terms of the look and feel of Boutique.

The company felt fully engaged throughout the process and we presented them with many different options in terms of colours, fonts and iconography.

The proposed brand laid out mockups for the interior of the shop, bags, and point of sale items

Finding Clarity, Building Momentum

Boutique at House of Marbles was targeting a new market.

To focus our marketing efforts we worked with the company to develop a brand persona called ‘Marge’. She was in her fifties and enjoyed the finer things in life.

Having brought their audience into clearer focus, we could then start mocking up various concepts including example gift bags, display boxes, wrapping paper, wall designs and point of sale materials.

These visuals helped guide us collectively towards the new brand so it would appeal to its market

The new brand would also need an e-commerce website for online sales. We designed and built this, integrating it within the wider House of Marbles ecosystem.

To help House of Marbles engage with their new audience, we taught the admin team how to use online signup forms and Mailchimp to set up and run email marketing campaigns.


Having defined the key sections of the website we created illustrations to identify them

The Solution

By understanding the buyer and providing numerous design options, we helped transform Boutique from a concept into a tangible brand.


Often in life we don’t know exactly what they want until we see it. The process of visualising these options helped refine ideas into a brand.

After defining the brand we created the assets and brand guidelines to ensure it is implemented consistently

Are You Missing a Piece of the Puzzle?

If you know you need more than just a website but are unsure exactly what, come and speak to Vu Online.

Tell us your priorities and we’ll show you the role digital marketing can play.


House of Marbles were already popular with families but wanted to branch out to sell to a more discerning buyer. The time we spent together on persona creation and brand design was crucial in positioning Boutique for maximum return on marketing investment.

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