The Challenge

To manage a website project with multiple stakeholders to successfully deliver the client’s vision through a digital platform.

Who are TCE/Research in Practice?

Tackling Child Exploitation is a consortium-led programme in association with Research in Practice, University of Bedfordshire and The Children’s Society.

The goal of the TCE microsite is to help organisations to access, understand and apply evidence through an organised asset library with an aim to offer a different way of thinking to traditional approaches.

Collectively we created and sorted hundreds of assets, so the user can find “their way into the site” through by category and conversation “tags”

“Personally from my perspective, I really valued the professional input in the scoping of the project, we appreciated the responsiveness of your organisation which enabled us to collaborate and clarify our ideas.”

TCE had unique ideas about how they wanted their website users to find and access resources but needed guidance with putting those ideas into practice digitally.

With our technical experience and know-how, Vu Online structured the microsite to ensure the concepts were realised within a modern framework and familiar user experience for their visitors.

A Commitment to Care

The client had been approached by a few interested parties but they were impressed when we came in with an attitude of caring for the project, and its outcomes, rather than trying to win business with a fancy presentation and hard sell tactics.

We also benefited from having the necessary experience of managing projects with multiple stakeholder involvement.

The Solution

With our experience in high-level project management, Vu Online developed a unique digital resource library. The microsite we created organises multiple assets and media types using filters and tools in the way the client had envisioned.


“Vu hit a sweet spot for us, they came across as a respectable agency in an industry littered with freelancers, but not too big and impersonal that we felt we were just going to be put on a conveyor belt and left with something generic.”

Nurturing A Vision

The team at Research In Practice came to us with a fantastic vision but needed our expertise to ground these in technical reality.

Our first objective was to translate what the client wanted into a working prototype for review – offering maximum interaction for minimum time commitment.

Then we worked through phased milestones of stakeholder review and testing to ensure an outcome that worked for the majority. 

This was a protracted but exciting project for the team to get their teeth into, we look forward to keeping the website running smoothly by providing critical technical updates and developments for the rest of the project lifecycle.


“In creating the microsite for the Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme we knew we wanted something different. One of the issues we are trying to support strategic leaders through is the complexity of the Child Exploitation landscape, and we didn’t want to mirror this is the site. We approached Vu with a clear request to challenge many existing ways of categorising, searching for and presenting information on a website. We have an ethos of ‘constructive disruption’ that we wanted to model in our design – which is much easier to ask for in principle than to design in practice. The team at Vu were curious, patient and incredibly supportive in helping us get there – the site has had a great response!” – Anna Racher, Partnership Manager

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