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Providing a range of digital services to the UK’s trade association for water companies.

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Although Water UK is mainly about policy making the information it offers online is not just about facts and figures and ranges from industry reports to consumer advice. This information needed to be presented in a clear and engaging way, that wouldn’t scare off members of the public and direct them to useful information. Making the information more accessible was all about transparency, helping everyone to better understand how their water services work, and the design needed to reflect this as well.

“Vu Online brought creativity, clear thinking and a high level of technical skills to the launch of our new website.”

– Neil Dhot, Head of Corporate Affairs at Water UK

The result is a site that feels modern, professional and friendly, the homepage providing a portal which clearly directs visitors to what they’re looking for. Whether visitors are a company that needs an important report or a consumer searching for advice the site’s plumbing ensures they’ll get to the information they’re after as quickly as possible.

Traffic has increased by 400% over the period that Vu have managed Water UK’s website.


In order to coordinate discussions within the Water industry Water UK required a communication tool that could seamlessly handle communication between working groups comprised of members from all over the UK. We delivered the Water UK Networks which serve as a vital tool in allowing communication to flow within the water industry.


Water UK have a responsibility to report on the levels of service that water companies are providing for developers. These reports were being produced manually on a quarterly basis which required man-power both for the generation of the reports and for the rigorous checking of the manually entered data. Vu were asked to design and develop an automated system which allowed Water companies to directly enter their data while the publishing process is handled by the system. The resulting system has saved Water UK both time and money and massively simplified the production of these reports.

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