The Challenge

To provide a website rescue service, earn the company’s trust and become their long-term tech partner.

Who are Water UK?

Water UK were formed to help the UK’s water companies and regulators provide clean, safe tap water at a reasonable price. They are also committed to ensuring the environment is protected and improved along the way. They provide a range of digital services including the latest water supply facts and figures, industry reports and consumer advice.

Water UK have a high online profile. With tens of thousands of people visiting their website and various microsites, the company depends upon a strong, reliable and scalable digital platform for presenting their valuable information.

We host bespoke operational systems for nationwide communication and hundreds of stakeholders

“Vu Online brought creativity, clear thinking and a high level of technical skills to the launch of our new website.”

Vu initially came to the rescue when the company were struggling with a website project. Once we had got things back on track, we were invited on board as long-term partners, designing further microsites and ensuring the Water UK digital platform has remained fit for purpose ever since.

Plumbing the Depths

Water UK had originally come to us for a quote but chose another agency. Unfortunately for them, the project went off the rails and they found the partnership wasn’t working. Since returning to Vu, the company now appreciates the depth of our scoping and our willingness to pose tough questions and highlight challenges upfront rather than peddle the easy option.

The Solution

Since turning around their failing website project, we have worked alongside Water UK as their trusted digital tech partners. We have built a number of microsites to provide niche services and continue to maintain and develop their online platforms.

An Ocean of Support

After placing their trust in another digital agency, Water UK soon found that their website project was running off the rails. To make matters worse, the relationship with the agency had broken down. Our first task then was to rescue the project and build a website and admin system that could handle the complex, industry-specific tasks required. This helped us to establish trust and build rapport.

Supporting with design, development and marketing for dozens of microsites over the years

Realising they would benefit from ongoing technical and strategic support, Water UK chose to invest monthly in having us support them on their journey. This has included the creation of additional microsites for the company including ‘Discover Water’, a statistics hub where consumers can find out all they need to know about UK water usage and supply. Water UK know if they need an urgent service, such as a blog post to be scheduled for a specific time, we will be there.

As a result of our long-term partnership, we have a strong understanding of how Water UK’s digital platform works and can support them in developing it. As different marketing people have come and gone, we have remained a consistent part of their extended team.


Water UK work with a large number of stakeholders from water companies and industry regulators to consumers. Through our online systems, we have enabled these groups to talk to one another while saving the company time and money. 

The fact that UK water companies are still using a forum system we designed 8 years ago is testimony to the value for money Water UK continue to experience as Vu Online customers.

We all need fresh water so it was also important for Water UK to reach as many people as possible. We have worked alongside Water UK for ten years and counting and over that time, their website traffic has increased by 500%.

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