Let’s Customer Research the Cluck Out of It

Customer Research takes the guess work out of your marketing campaigns.

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It used to be easy and natural

We start our businesses because we somehow already have customers. And from time-to-time, our word of mouth reputation brings us more until one day, we believe we’ve cracked it.

Then the phone stops ringing and we are forced to learn something about the art of marketing.

Now begin random spending

Because of this we invest in advertising, websites, leaflets, events, social media and staff. We do it with such utter blindness we have no idea what we are doing, why we are doing it, how successful it is or who it’s aimed at. We scatter-gun the cluck out of it until we lose faith and most of our money.

This is the moment we transcend

Finally, we decide to get sophisticated.

It dawns on us to work out who our prospects are so we can target those who are going to become paying customers.

And that‘s the point of Customer Research.

Let’s speak to people directly to understand their behaviour. Let’s get it down on paper so we can refer to it later when we start sending tweets, writing posts, making videos or sending Christmas cards.

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We’ll work out where the money comes from, who spends it, what they do for a living and what kind of marketing they’ll respond to.

That is what we do at VU and you can do it too.

What the cluck are you waiting for?

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