How to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop via the WordPress for Facebook plugin

We’ve found that some of our customers, especially those with fun social brands like kids’ toy sites, benefit from connecting their WooCommerce website to their Facebook platform. This article explains exactly how to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop via the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

What we will cover

How to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop: two paths

Before we get going, you will need to have admin access to the admin area of your WooCommerce shop. If you don’t know how to log in, please contact us (or your WooCommerce site developer) for help.

You can connect your WooCommerce and Facebook platforms via Facebook’s own Facebook for WooCommerce plugin. One benefit of this is that your users get to shop for your products without leaving Facebook – something which increases trust.

As with most featured WooCommerce or WordPress plugins, you can either search for and install the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin via your site’s plugins page (path 2 below) or download it directly from the plugin page to your computer before uploading it to your site’s plugin page (path 1)

The WordPress website to manually download the files

Path 1: How to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop via the WordPress Plugins page

  • Visit the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin page at
  • Click the ‘Download’ button (top right)
  • Make a note of where the downloaded .zip file is stored on your computer
  • Log in to your website’s admin area
  • Update WordPress and WooCommerce if prompted. Then, from the main menu:
  • Click Plugins to access the Plugins page
  • Click the ‘Add New’ button (top left)
  • Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button (top left)
  • Scroll down to the upload box and click the ‘Choose file’ button
  • Find the plugin .zip file on your computer and click the ‘Install now’ button
  • Wait for the plugin to appear
  • Click ‘Activate Plugin’


facebook woocommerce plugin
Your WordPress dashboard for a quicker simpler install

Path 2: How to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop via your website

Update WordPress and WooCommerce if prompted. Then, from the main menu:

  • Click Plugins to access the Plugins page
  • Click the ‘Add New’ button (top left)
  • Scroll down to the plugins search bar (right) and type in ‘Facebook’
  • The ‘Facebook for WooCommerce’ plugin should appear near the top of the plugin results screen
  • Click the ‘Install’ button next to the plugin name
  • Click ‘Activate Plugin’

Configuring your WooCommerce and Facebook connection

Once your Facebook for WooCommerce plugin is active, Facebook is ready to walk you through the final steps of how to connect WooCommerce to Facebook shop.

If you hover over ‘Marketing’ in your dashboard’s main menu, ‘Facebook’ should now appear as a new dropdown option. Click this and you should be presented with a button that says ‘Get Started’.

Clicking this will activate Facebook’s connection wizard which will log you into Facebook (if you’re not already in) and take you through the following set of screens*:

  • Open Your Shop
  • Select Your Business Manager
  • Connect Facebook Page
  • Select Catalog
  • Select Facebook Pixel (a cookie that enables you to track people moving from Facebook to your website and vice versa)
  • Confirm Commerce Account
  • Confirm Settings
  • Set permissions
  • Account confirmation

You can return at any time to further configure any of these options by clicking ‘Marketing’ then ‘Facebook’ and then ‘Manage Connection’ from the Connection tab.

Tip: If you have any issues with account verification, making sure ‘Instagram Shopping’ is unchecked on the ‘Open Your Shop’ screen may help.

*Please note: The exact sequence of screens may differ depending on your device and any plugin or interface changes that have happened since this post was written.

Products syncing to a “shop” tab on Facebook

Diving deeper: product syncing

If you’ve got this far with no problems, well done! You can now start strengthening that website and social media link.

One of the key benefits of connecting WooCommerce and Facebook is that your products will be discoverable via Facebook. To optimise this process, we recommend syncing your product categories with Facebook’s own categories using the ‘Sync products’ function.

For detailed instructions on how to set default product attributes and more, visit the following WooCommerce page:

Yet to enter the world of e-commerce?

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