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Marketing Consultancy: What is it?

One of the services Vu Online provide is marketing consultancy. But what exactly is that?

There is a misconception that consultants simply come in and dole out advice. This approach doesn’t work because all businesses operate differently and have different priorities, strengths and weaknesses. Support and advice needs to be bespoke for maximum impact.

Therefore, the first aim of a marketing consultant is to understanding your brand story and your business goals. That involves asking lots of questions and plenty of active listening

Only then can consultants start applying their experience and knowledge to the specific conditions of your business. Marketing consultants often bring a welcome objective viewpoint, revealing any blind spots and balancing any tendency towards group think.

Why Digital Marketing Agencies Produce Great Consultants

Marketing consultants come from diverse backgrounds but many have experience working  in a digital marketing agency like Vu Online.

This has some advantages. Having put campaigns together for a wide variety of clients, from small, one-person startups and ecommerce operations to global corporations, they get to understand the digital marketing challenges that these companies face and learn what works and why.

They understand what an effective marketing strategy looks like and how the best businesses create amazing campaigns that deliver real, measurable results.

Just as no two businesses operate in the same way, every consultant will approach their role from a slightly different angle. A main area of focus for Vu Online consultants is ensuring our clients’ marketing strategies are aligned and fit for purpose.

Reviewing a Marketing Strategy

So what kind of things will a marketing consultant look out for when reviewing a marketing strategy. They include:

  • Alignment with overall business strategy.
  • How content relates to customer engagement points and journey.
  • Staff processes and roles in campaign delivery.
  • Areas of strength and weakness.
  • Tracking and analytics set up.

A good consultant with the feeling of understanding how your digital marketing fits in to the rest of your business.

Consultancy and the Vu Tribe

With the Vu Tribe, you get all of the benefits of high quality, strategic consultancy together with the creative flair and technical ability of a digital agency. In short, we can help with both the strategic and delivery side, providing training and practical support to fill in any gaps that are holding you back from maximising your marketing ROI.

Click the link to find out more about the Vu Tribe and whether your business could benefit from joining.

The Tribe

Building your brand starts with telling your story.

It starts with a strong, strategic approach that explains in no uncertain terms why you do what you do.