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How Vu can help if your Developer disappears

Good web development is a long process, and unfortunately there are times when developers are unable to complete a job or projects fail halfway through being completed. The reasons for not finishing a job can be varied, ranging from developers going out of business to just plain incompetence, but the good news is that an unfinished website is not a lost cause, in the right hands.

Vu Online is here to pick up the pieces if your web development project should fall through. Below are the reasons why we’re qualified to pick up where others left off and save your website, and ultimately you money.

First things first

Before you approach Vu it’s important to leave things as well as possible with your previous developer. Threats of legal action and arguments over the phone could result in a costly law suit which might get you some of your money back but also leave you unable to access any or all of the elements of your unfinished website. A scorned developer, especially if they’re unprofessional enough to leave your website incomplete, is unlikely to be helpful when it comes to handing over essential files, artwork, and all important passwords.

If you don’t have the artwork and all the website’s files, that can mean starting again where design and development is concerned. If you don’t have the passwords to the content management system, the server where all the files are hosted, or even the company where your domain is registered it can mean starting from scratch and finding a new domain name.

A dedicated team of experts

Often development can fall through because an inexperienced developer was unprepared for the full scope of the project and unable to cope, but with Vu you’ll not be hiring a one-man band – you’ll be getting a dedicated team of experts in design, development, and SEO. This means you’re website will not only get finished but that when it does your customers won’t have any trouble finding it in Google.

Years of experience completing projects

Vu’s reputation for reliability speaks for itself – just look at all the websites we’ve completed for our many satisfied clients. Although we’ve built all these sites ourselves when Vu takes over your project we’ll put exactly the same amount of care and attention into the work we’re doing to ensure your website fulfils the brief and exceeds your expectations.

A clear timeline

When Vu picks up your project we’ll meet with you to learn about its history and make a solid plan about its future. Following an initial define meeting, and after you’ve agreed to let Vu continue your project, we’ll set out a clear timeline for your project so you can see exactly how it’s progressing and feedback on it at any stage.

All our clients get access to our Teamwork project management system – a dashboard that allows you to keep in touch and view which project milestones have been completed, and when the next ones are due.

From launch to growth

The other advantage of choosing Vu is that we’re not just about getting your website over the finish line. After the site is launched we’ll be available to help you grow your site through social media, SEO, and all-round great marketing. For a business that truly wants to make the most of its web presence this is an essential part of the process as it will help the site to reach as many people as possible.

If your web developer has let you down don’t despair – just get in touch with Vu. We can help you to pick up the pieces as quickly as possible and minimise the cost of switching developers, getting you back on track and seeing your website through to completion.

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