The Challenge

To improve open rates for Undone Beauty's email marketing campaigns while helping the business make more efficient use of content.

A Holistic Approach

Undone Beauty were impressed by our strategic approach to the project and how we helped them to understand where email would fit in the marketing mix.

By fixing this part of their business, they could see it would not only save them time and effort but boost conversions too.

With our reputation for creating high end visuals, they were also confident we could hit the visual standards of the brand to enhance their content, an important element in the beauty industry.

We defined three templates to give the user something to open for: Suzi’s years of expertise

A Cleaner Foundation

Undone Beauty were offering their customers and leads generous discounts off their orders through email marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, their email open rate was low, reducing their marketing ROI.

To boost returns, Vu had two objectives: improve email open rate and reduce the time investment in running the email marketing campaigns.

Undone Beauty had been creating fresh content for their email newsletters which were not linked to the company’s website.


The separate email templates gave free advice as well as prices and offers

We helped them to develop a strategic content plan and to repurpose their newsletter to curate blog content.

To improve email open rates, we spent time researching Undone Beauty’s target audience so that the company could understand who they were, how to capture their attention and how to motivate them to visit the website and book treatments or buy products.

The Solution

By supporting them in creating a content plan and adjusting their email marketing strategy, we boosted Undone Beauty’s digital marketing.


We helped Undone Beauty understand their customers and harness a powerful marketing engine to engage with them.

Newsletter recipients are now fed relevant content linked directly to the company’s website.

Does Your Newsletter Need a Makeover?

Real health is more than just skin deep.

The same goes for email marketing. Having a nicely designed template is all well and good but if your monthly newsletter doesn’t convert, let Vu help.


Undone Beauty are already benefiting from a reduction in workload since they don’t have to spend time thinking up fresh content for both their blog and their newsletter.

By creating that vital link between email marketing and content marketing, the company can anticipate better open rates and more sales.

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