Micro-Videos, Macro Rewards: The Tiny Clips Taking Over Marketing

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where attention spans are dwindling and content is consumed in bite-sized portions, a new marketing phenomenon has emerged: micro-videos. These short, snackable clips are proving to be a powerful tool for brands looking to engage audiences, drive conversions, and achieve outsized results. Join us as we explore the world of Short-Form Marketing and uncover the strategies behind their success.

In the fast paced, attention deficit world we live in, capturing and holding someone’s attention appears to have become a bit of an art form.  These micro-videos are a bite size, snackable piece of content which packs a punch in seconds. Social media is taking the marketing world by storm, but many businesses fall at the first hurdle when it comes to posting their first videos on social media. 

But are they really that great? With many businesses striving for sustainability, is the digital footprint of these videos a cause for concern? And does creating short-form videos just contribute to a culture of disposability and overconsumption? 

The popularity of these videos can be attributed to the meteoric rise of social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram reels and Youtube Shorts. They have conditioned many consumers to consume content in quick digestible bursts and marketers have taken note.

At least 75% of people said they prefer video content marketing, with 96% favouring short-form videos for quick and effective product or service education. In today’s digital marketing landscape, brevity is king. But for SMEs viral content is easier said than done. 

However, making a viral video is not a step by step process, it depends on the nature of your business and the ideas and feelings you want to convey but there are some general guidelines to follow when making short-form content. 

Guidelines for creating short-form content

Keep it simple:

Many social media companies won’t allow videos longer than 60 seconds in length. It is best to keep it below this. A survey found that on average people watch Tiktok videos for 34 seconds. Every addition adds value, the important thing is that it is attention grabbing and educates your audience about your business. 

Hook them early: 

You only have a split second to catch their attention, it needs to hook viewers from the very first frame. Take a look at some successful short-form marketing campaigns on Tiktok or Instagram to find out how to do this. 

Show, don’t tell: 

Rather than relying on complicated voice overs or text allow the visuals and imagery do the talking. 

Add a dash of Humour: 

A well timed joke or a touch of humour can go a long way to making your short-form marketing memorable and shareable. This is a good first step to grabbing the attention of your audience. 

Be consistent: 

Consistency is key. To make friends with the algorithm, it is important to post on a regular basis. If you are already using social media for your marketing, you will know this. Try using a content calendar to plan and schedule your short-form content in advance.  Monitoring audience metrics as this will show you when the best time to post is.

Going viral with Short-Form Marketing

The ultimate goal for SMEs when making short-form marketing is going viral. Going viral is basically a free marketing campaign. The good news is that SMEs have the same chance of going viral as large companies with a dedicated social media marketing team. To go viral it is important to stick to your values and brand mission, making sure that your content is human.  Often the most unlikely of videos will go viral, just look at my family’s pubs Tiktok account! 

Short-form marketing may not be right for every business. They, like all digital marketing, use huge amounts of energy from data centres and servers contributing to your businesses carbon and environmental footprint. The rapid consumption and disposal of short-form videos may contribute to a culture of disposability and over consumption. This may conflict with your environmental and ethical values. 

Ultimately, short-form videos can prove a majorly beneficial marketing tool for your business but  it is also important to take into consideration your target audience, your brand’s values and mission as well as what you want to get out of your marketing. However, I recommend unleashing your inner Spielburg, and try crafting micro-videos that pack a punch! You never know, you may go viral. 

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