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Will Windows 10 give Bing a boost?

Love it or hate it Windows 10 is here, along with some positive reviews that suggest it has put the mistakes of Windows 8 behind it. While its release promises to signal the end of Microsoft’s awkward entry into the mobile market, and make Windows a more attractive platform for smartphone and tablets, it looks like there’s a good chance it will give Bing a boost as well.

One of the key features of Windows 10 is that its new taskbar plugs users directly into Bing and Cortana, making it possible to type or speak search queries without the need to open a browser. This intuitive way of searching promises to save a lot of clicks on browser shortcuts and significantly increase the search volumes of Microsoft’s search engine. Experts are estimating this to be in the region of 10 – 15%, and as soon as September. At the moment, around 20% of searches supposedly come from Bing, while Google dominates with about 64% – according to one set of figures. According to another set of figures it only accounts for 12% of searches. So whichever way you look at it Bing is still miles away from its rival. Should Windows 10 gather momentum, not just on PCs but on other devices as well, it could mean the 6 year-old Bing is in for a growth spurt. Whether a potential threat to Google or not Bing has been steadily growing in strength, and a dramatic increase in such a short space of time could help it become a more serious competitor to Google’s searches. This would be good news for anyone advertising on Bing where prices are low because of limited competition but could potentially pose SEO challenges in the future. Although there are similarities between optimising for Google and optimising for Bing there are also some key differences with the way they handle factors such as matching keywords and domain age. There’s no reason to worry yet though, and if Windows 10 proves popular and Bing doesn’t it will speak volumes about the quality of the search engine. The new search feature is enabled by default, meaning most people won’t bother to turn it off, though the integration with Bing can be easily disabled for anyone who doesn’t want to contribute to the rise of Bing or have Microsoft spying on their personal searches.

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