Why Vu is a WordPress specialist

With a market share of over 60% (more than all of its competitors combined) WordPress hardly needs our praise. But what is WordPress – and what makes it so special that Vu would want to be a WordPress specialist?

What we will cover

Although WordPress started off as a platform for bloggers, it soon became clear that the system was also ideal for websites. Today, over a third of all websites use WordPress. When you look only at websites that use a CMS, that proportion rises to 63%.

We are among the WordPress converts and consider ourselves a WordPress specialist having built Worpdress sites for our clients for a number of years now. What can you expect when you become a proud owner of a Vu WordPress website?

A fantastic user experience

WordPress is what’s known as a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows users to organise content (text, images, videos, etc.) in various ways. And to cut straight to it, the reason we are a WordPress specialist is you.

Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to manage and customise their WordPress website, that combined with the expectation that all websites can drag and drop, become a e-commerce site in a moments notice or booking site the next is what drives our decision making – we are with you for the long term and WordPress will be too. 

Rather than pay us (or another web design company) to create bespoke custom features, WordPress’ huge directory of ‘plug-ins’ allow website owners to take control of this process, installing and activating powerful features in a couple of minutes.

Adding business news items, blog posts and landing pages is a breeze with the new Gutenberg content editor making it easier than ever to design exciting, media-rich page layouts.

Flexible customisation

Whatever type of business you run, a WordPress website can be customised to fit your needs. The easiest way to do this is to choose an industry-specific WordPress theme (there are thousands to choose from). These can either be used ‘as is’ or tweaked.

However, it is usually better to invest in a professional design agency who can create a bespoke theme just for you.

You can even set up a WordPress website as an e-commerce store thanks to WordPress’ own WooCommerce plug-in. 

WooCommerce can be installed in minutes and provides everything you would expect from an online store: product catalogue, product categories, SKUs, shopping basket, checkout, order processing, payment gateways, postage and packing options – you name it!

In fact, where WooCommerce is defined as a CMS it is WordPress’ closest competitor!

Powerful optimisation

Websites with ring-fenced code (e.g. Wix and Squarespace) present a challenge to you to be able optimise your site effectively. With limited ability to delve beneath the hood and affect the code, we find our hands are often tied, reducing our ability to add technical optimisations or landing pages that convert.

WordPress is open source which means any developer can read and alter the underlying code. There are also no limits to the number of pages you can create on a WordPress website which is great for search engine optimisation (SEO) and also helps our clients to scale their businesses.

Support on tap from a host of wordpress specialists

With its open source code and huge market share, WordPress is a magnet to talented developers, many who share the open access ethos behind the creation of WordPress. 

If our coders ever run into any challenges, they know that the solution is likely to be a few clicks away. The size and passion of the WordPress community also ensures that bugs and exploits are quickly found and fixed, making WordPress a secure option for your website.

How Vu can enhance your WordPress experience

In addition to building attractive, functional WordPress websites, Vu can oversee the technical housekeeping side of things. WordPress core files are regularly updated as are plug-ins and these updates need to be checked and installed quickly to keep your website secure.

And if this all feels a little too out of the box, we have developed our own custom theme, and various bespoke plugins over the years, proving that it isn’t comparable to say this website is structurally the same as any other.

We are a wordpress specialist primarily for the interface that you experience, under the hood the technical setup is paramount for us.

While we handle the boring bits, you will be free to use WordPress to create amazing content and powerful landing pages that will push your business to the forefront of your industry.

If you are looking for long-term support to help you generate more leads from your website, then have a look at our Tribe digital marketing subscription packages or get in touch to discuss.

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