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Why Vu is offering free website reviews

Here at Vu, we know that just because a website has been launched successfully and looks nice doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to reach its target audience or generate sales. We’re experts in growing sales and nurturing websites post-launch to ensure that a site is doing everything it’s supposed to, and more. This is why we’re offering free website reviews to anyone who is stuck when it comes to growing their business online.

There are a few automated tools online for reviewing websites, and one guy even does it while drunk, but by coming to Vu you won’t be getting a list of complicated sounding things you don’t know how to fix (or a large bill for our favourite beers!). Instead you’ll be presented with an easy-to-understand document highlighting key areas which need to be improved, and suggestions about how to improve them. You’ll also be automatically pencilled in for a meeting so you can sit down and talk about things in person with Vu, and plan how we can help you to achieve the success you want.

Below are the key areas we’ll take a look at while reviewing your website, and why they are so important when it comes to growing your business.


When analysing your site’s design, we’ll judge everything from how it looks and feels to the overall user experience. Our judgement isn’t simply based on how pretty it looks but how easy it is to use and navigate. Design plays a huge role in how much time visitors spend on your site, and how easy they find it to use, so just because it looks good isn’t a guarantee that it doesn’t need improving.

Design encompasses everything from your logo and branding, to how a page is laid out and a site structured. We’ll be honest about the way things look to our expert eyes but always provide constructive criticism about how to improve things.

If your design is causing people to spend less time on your site, or making their journey more complicated than it needs to be, then it’s costing you sales and that’s something that needs to be fixed.


When it comes to content, our review will take style, tone, and anything that’s missing into consideration. We’ll look at how suitable the content is for the audience that’s trying to be reached, any grammatical or typographical issues, and identify any information that may be missing.

Good website content isn’t just about making sure all the content your visitors are looking for is there and easy to find, it’s about making sure it’s well written, that the pictures are of a decent standard, and that all legal requirements are fulfilled. Making sure there are as few errors as possible in your content is just as important to your professional image as a typo-free CV is to a job applicant. Simple mistakes can be easily missed, but also easily fixed.

Technical Specification

As the name suggests this is the most technical part of the review, and there are always going to be hundreds of ways a website’s code can be tweaked to improve performance, but we’ll just focus on key areas that could be affecting a site in terms of its speed, reliability, and accessibility. The speed at which a page loads is a decisive factor for Google when it comes to ranking a website, and can have a negative impact on SEO if it’s too slow. Likewise, an unreliable site isn’t going to keep visitors coming back or boost your rankings, while accessibility is all about making it as user-friendly to as many different people as possible.

The review of the technical specifications will be to do with everything that relates to the code of the website, so it could be that the heading tags have been set up wrong, titles or metadata which are important for SEO are missing, or there are errors in the coding which could be causing the site to display incorrectly on some devices.


At the end of your website review, a brief overview will be provided of key things that need to be changed, from a perspective of simply growing your business. The items highlighted in this section will be the fixes that will generate the most return on investment, but which may also require the most work.

Vu won’t suggest anything in the review that we won’t be able to fix, and will provide you with a provisional date for a meeting where you can discuss the review with us and find out what the next steps will be if you want to hire Vu to take things further. The advice we give out will always be honest and will always be delivered with the aim of helping your business to grow – not just simply fixing a problem.
There’s no obligation and no follow-up if you don’t want it – just our expert advice and an offer of help. If you’re interested in getting your website reviewed for free get in touch with Vu and find out how we can improve your site.