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Why should you be using Video on your site?

Grab your audience

Video can provide a quick way to hook your audience and get them invested in your product or brand.  Even a quick, DIY video can give your audience an immediate impression of what your website is about and what your offering is.  A professionally produced video on the other hand can lift your whole marketing effort to another level, giving your audience a powerful impression of your brand. For a number of years companies have been cottoning on to the fact that informative videos about products can greatly aid conversions on ecommerce sites.  Asos.com are a good example of a company who make effective use of simple product videos on their product pages to help their customers get a better impression of how their product will really look before you purchase.  There are even companies out there who can produce automated videos for your whole product range based on content that you already have although it’s difficult to find independent evidence that this approach is effective.

Conveying passion and personality

Video can be used in a number of ways to promote different aspects of your business – not just products but also services and ethos. A particularly effective way to employ video is to use it to convey your unique individual passion for what you do.  A video that puts across your personality and shows the inspiration behind your business is likely to install trust in the viewer.  We were recently commissioned to produce a video for a small company called Sounding Bowls who produce beautiful, unique, handmade musical instruments which are the brainchild of their founder Tobias Kaye.  We decided early on in the project that we needed to use video to really give website users an impression of Tobias’s individuality and passion for his craft.  Take a look at the result…

Improve your search rankings

It’s true that video content ranks well in search engines but don’t be fooled into thinking that slapping a video on your site without thought or planning will yield a quick result.  As with any marketing activity the use of video needs thought and planning.  You need to consider the purpose of the video, identify the target audience and ensure that you use the right channels to distribute the content.  You also need to consider (or ensure that your web designer has considered) how to make search engines aware of your video content.  Google offer some guidance on video best practice which is worth a look.

Go ahead – make your video!

As with any online marketing activity it’s often best to take a leap of faith, get stuck in and just do it.  So why not give it a try and see what you can come up with.  If you need help or want assistance we can give you a hand with strategy or video production.  We’ll leave you with an old favourite viral video which provides a great example of how humour can get people to take notice of your product.

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