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Why Good Copywriting Matters on a Website

Copywriting is one aspect of creating a website that often goes overlooked, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly important for businesses who want to stand out online. With so much competition on the web and evolving website usage habits, communicating effectively with words can make all the difference when it comes to turning users into consumers.


User-friendly content

The term user-friendly is often associated with website design and structure rather than the copy, but content can be written and structured to make it easier to use as well.

Well-written, well-structured, and engaging content makes life easier for visitors to your website. It tells them exactly what they need to know and makes it easy to find what they are searching for. Just like having unnecessary steps on a path towards a particular section of a site can result in users leaving before they reach their target, making them trudge through long paragraphs to find the key information they’re looking for can be a major turn-off. This is true of confusing or unclear copy, no matter what quantity it comes in.


Communicating your point quickly

The mobile browsing trend is here to stay, and copy needs to be written with the mobile experience in mind as well. Scrolling through reams of pointless content can be tedious on a big screen, on a smartphone it’s even worse. Well-tuned copy that makes it clear what your business is about, what services you provide, and offers a call to action will win you new customers and not confused ex-visitors.

According to one study the average time you’ve got to capture a visitor’s attention is 15 seconds – in this time the design, structure and copy on the website need to work in unison to hold your visitors’ attention and keep them engaged.


Careless commas cost customers

If nothing else the copy on your website should be free of typos, spelling mistakes and common grammar errors. Everyone knows that a CV which contains spelling and grammar errors is unlikely to get its owner an interview, on a website these kind of mistakes look just as unprofessional and are likely to lose you leads. Sometimes all it takes is a good edit to get your copy in shape.


How Vu Online can help

Here at Vu our in-house copywriter can create new content for your site based on your requirements, or tailor your existing content to make it more user-friendly.  The content created will be written in a tone of voice that’s true to your brand and appealing to your target audience.

In addition to being user-friendly we’ll make sure your copy is optimised for search engines as well, to help your site and its content rank better in Google’s searches. Google loves good content and so will your customers.If you’d like to talk to VU about our copywriting services, please call 01803 866430 or drop us a line